Review: Big & Tall Chronicles

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In his book, the Big & Tall Chronicles: Misadventrues of a Lifelong Food Addict, Gary Marino tells his very personal story, from his relationship with food, to therapies he’s tried; to managing his weight and taking on a super sized challenge – The Million Calorie March.

It is an inspirational story that tells us that even people like you and me can do this. Gary is a self-proclaimed food addict in recovery. He wasn’t on a hit show, excluded from temptation and equipped with experts from every field. He lost weight on his own. And he lost half of his total weight!

What I like about the Big & Tall Chronicles is how honest and funny Gary is. I can relate to many of the episodes in his life --- from being an overweight child to hearing the cheesecake calling my name.

His journey had its share of setbacks. He would slip up, regain some of the weight and fall off the wagon before getting control and finding a way to lose the weight and keep it off.

He fought off denial, depression, emotional eating, binging and relapses. But he pulled through it all and became a stronger person for it.
Powerwalking became his new obsession. This led to his project, the Million Calorie March. He had been on a losing streak for a year and wanted to share what he learned.

His goal was a one-man walk from Jacksonville, Fl. To Boston, MA with the hope that others would join him along the way to walk off some extra pounds.

The walk took place in 2004, but his journey didn’t stop there. In February of 2006 they started production of a movie based on his experience as retold in the book, the Big & Tall Chronicles. Look for the movie this Fall, “The Million Calorie March: The Movie.”

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