The Hamptons Diet Review

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Pescatore takes an informative approach on creating a healthy diet with a 30-day meal plan - recipes and all.

He discusses oil in depth and strongly discourages the use of olive oil and tells us to ditch the canola oil because they are overly processes, heated during treatment and are generally unhealthy oils, despite what we've been led to believe. He suggests using macadamia nut oil for our dressings and for all of our cooking needs.

In addition to using macadamia nut oil, he advises that we follow a low carb diet and explains the harmful effects of the popular low calorie diets on the market. Each of the recipes in his meal plan include the number of carbs in the meal and they can easily be exchanged for an item of the nume number.

The basis of the diet is a combination of the Mediterranean Diet and the popular diet used by the rich and famous in the Hamptons. This diet isn't about depriving yourself, but choosing delicious foods that are good for you.

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Is is possible to lose weight on this diet? Absoutely! Is is going to be easy? No way! The meal plans use products that may be difficult to find. To start, I could not find the macadamia nut oil at the supermarket. It would require a trip to a health food store. The diet can also get pricey as he suggests using organic foods as much as possible. The recipes may also require a certain taste. These aren't average foods I serve my family, such as the Shad Roast on a Bed of Raddish, Celery, and Fennel; Montauk Shrimp in Gansett Green Sauce; Fiery Esolar with Tabasco and Horseradish and Cold Devon Asparagus soup with Lemon Creme Friache. That's not to say that any diet is easy and if you have a taste for something different, this plan may be for you.

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