Candidiasis Can Prevent Weight Loss

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There are several reasons as to why a person cannot lose weight using the traditional methods of calorie reduction and increased activity. One of the main causes is Candidiasis, an overgrowth of yeast in the digestive tract.

Yeast is a normal part of our digestive tract which produces B vitamins that support the liver. However, since 90% of immunity is in the gut, it is important to keep the delicate balance of good and bad bacteria in check.

Carolyn J. Dean a Wellness Consultant and Sports Nutritionist writes in her article, "Why Can’t I Lose Weight? -The Hidden Factor" :

"If you have symptoms of Candida, it is very difficult to lose weight and many will actually gain weight on diets. Why is this? Candida takes hold and gets out of control when our immune system becomes compromised. What compromises our immune system? So many things! Antibiotics (even a single dose), birth control pills, cortisone and prednisone types of medications and a stressful lifestyle."

When a candida sufferer diets, the body will go into survivor mode and won’t budge an ounce. Unfortunately, medical science does not recognize this as a condition unless the yeast infection becomes systemic. But there is hope for the candida sufferer.

Rethinking the Rules of Dieting

For the Candida sufferer, it is not as simple as cutting out a few extra calories. Because the yeast thrives on complex sugar, even a calorie restrictive diet will not take off the pounds. It will usually take herbal supplements to kill off the candida while following a yeast free diet.

Following the yeast free method is very strict, consisting mostly of protein and green vegetables. Many recipes can be found on the internet that can flavor the monotony of the diet, which may be very difficult to follow.

There are many natural herbs that will kill yeast. Some herbal supplements will prevent the yeast from growing and some destroy it completely. Most can be found in any health food store and even the local grocery. Such as Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, garlic and Olive Leaf.

Because the fungus is able to grow resistant, it is important to rotate supplements every few days. If rotation of herbs is not followed, the yeast will begin to propagate and it will stall the weight loss.

Probiotics Fight Yeast
Since beneficial bacteria and yeast vie for the same place in our digestive tract, it is important to take a probiotic every day. Good bacteria help fight off and push out yeast, creating a better balance to our inner ecology, aiding in the battle of the bulge. Probiotics such as Align, may be found in just about any grocery or health food store.

Yeast and sugar can be hidden ingredients in any food. It is important to read labels on packages and use yeast free vitamins. The smallest amount of sugar will derail the diet, causing a stall. But following these steps could lead to a happy, healthier lifestyle.

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Can You Lose Fat While You Sleep?

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lose fat while you sleep

America’s waistline is expanding. According to the National Institutes of Health, 2/3 of us—and nearly 20% of our children—are overweight or frankly obese. Obesity has become big business in the United States, and everyone—from the pharmaceutical companies to the fitness guru at the local gym—wants a piece of the adiposity pie. Health risks and economic impacts associated with the “obesity epidemic” are now frequent topics for news broadcasts, magazine articles, and even workplace discussions.

Obese people know they’re overweight. The majority of them have tried to shed those extra pounds, but they rarely seem to succeed, at least for the long haul. They’ve heard the same litany over and over: fast foods, overindulgence, sedentary living, and a lack of self-control are the underpinnings of their condition. They’re aching for something more helpful than the oft repeated eat-less-and-exercise-more advice; most of them have dabbled with unorthodox methods to lose weight. And a lot of them have heard commercials (and hoped they were true) for products that “burn calories while you sleep.” Alas, such advertisements are only designed to sell products with unproven benefits.

Oddly enough, though, there may be a nugget of truth to the sleep-obesity connection.
Recent studies have revealed that two hormones, leptin and grehlin, operate in a classic feedback loop to help control the human appetite. Leptin, which is produced by fat cells and released into the circulation, suppresses the appetite by influencing certain centers in the brain (specifically, the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus). Grehlin is secreted by specialized cells in the stomach, pancreas, and elsewhere; when it stimulates hypothalamic receptors, we become hungry. Normally, as one hormone rises, the other falls; this maintains a homeostatic balance between gluttony and starvation.

Interestingly, new research shows that insufficient sleep causes grehlin levels to increase, and likely suppresses leptin production. These hormonal shifts lead to an increase in appetite and a tendency to store fat. Furthermore, lack of sleep has been shown to inhibit the effects of insulin (a pancreatic hormone) on cellular membranes, thus decreasing cells’ abilities to metabolize fuels. In short, getting too little sleep can establish a hormonal pattern that contributes to weight gain.

Now, consider the following data from the National Sleep Foundation and a 2006 National Health Interview Survey: between 1985 and 2006, the percentage of adult Americans getting less than six hours of sleep each day increased significantly in all age groups (the NSF recommends seven to nine hours of sleep for adults). Surveys in adolescents show a similar pattern of sleep deprivation, particularly during those months when school is in session. Many Americans feel that insufficient sleep is part of their routine.

So, while it appears that certain overweight individuals—and anyone hoping to avoid obesity—can possibly benefit from lifestyle changes that ensure adequate sleep, intriguing questions surface in regards to the global issue of obesity in the United States:
  • Have the demands of our culture—in conjunction with the ease with which we can all reach for our next meal—created a trap that is snaring more and more victims?
  • Could we better address the problem of obesity in our society by imposing fundamental changes on all citizens’ lifestyles?
  • Would shorter workdays, nap breaks, telecommuting, or later school schedules have measurable effects on America’s obesity problem?
The answers are conjectural. But, rather than complain about the unfairness of being squeezed beside an obese individual the next time we’re on a plane or bus, it might be better to just sleep on it.

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Can Eating Spices Boost Weight Loss?

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Can eating spicy foods help with weight loss as some studies suggest? Could the same spices that set the mouth on fire in Mexican dishes also ignite the metabolism and lead to greater fat loss? This would be welcome news for those who love spicy food and have a few extra pounds to lose.

Eating Spices for Fat Loss

A group of Canadian researchers looked back through past research studies and found that certain spices have the potential to increase the rate of thermogenesis or fat metabolism. These include such common spices as black pepper, ginger, and red chili pepper, as well as capsaicin, a chemical found in red chili peppers that gives them their red hot, fiery taste. They also believe that eating these spices in combination with one another might produce an even greater effect on fat metabolism and weight loss than eating a single one.

Capsaicin: A Spice With Thermogenic Potential

Capsaicin is natural chemical that’s long intrigued researchers because of its thermogenic properties. In a study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, researchers discovered how capsaicin may enhance thermogenesis. They found that capsaicin uncouples the action of a protein involved in muscle contraction, causing the energy to be released as heat, resulting in a slight increase in body temperature and metabolic rate.
Another study showed that eating capsaicin with a meal boosted the rate of thermogenesis by as much as twenty-three percent. Although this sounds promising, research suggests that it would take large quantities of this chemical to have a significant impact on fat loss, greater than most people could achieve through eating spices. The hope is that this finding could be used to create similar compounds that work to increase thermogenesis at lower doses.

Eating Spices for Weight Loss: Does It Have Potential?

Despite this, there may be some benefit to eating spices when it comes to weight loss, although the results are unlikely to be effective in the absence of a good diet and exercise plan. The benefits of eating spices may be two-fold. Spicy foods tend to satiate the appetite more quickly than bland foods, particularly foods that are both hot and spicy. Combine that with the subtle boost in thermogenesis induced by the spices and a slight weight loss benefit might be achieved. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely to replace the need for healthy eating choices. The bottom line? A healthy diet and regular exercise are still the best way to achieve lasting weight loss.

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Can Complex Carbohydrates Lead to Fat?

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complex carbohydrates

Depending on a person’s specific glycemic index (the rate at which blood glucose is raised), complex carbohydrates can have different effects. Consumption of specific sugars has been associated with rapid obesity.

When attempting to lose weight, one group of foods that a person can monitor in particular is that of complex carbohydrates (bread, pasta, potatoes, sweets, etc.). However, many who follow a predominantly vegetarian diet that includes a high proportion of complex carbohydrates generally have an easier time trying to stay thin.

The World Health Organization recommends that 55% of total dietary calories should come from carbohydrates.

Complex Carbohydrates are Important for the Metabolism of Fat and Other Material
A sufficient quantity of complex carbohydrates is important for a person’s diet, since they are a major source of energy. Whether someone becomes overweight or not depends on, among other things, the speed with which he digests, absorbs and raises blood glucose, which is the end product of the digestion process of complex carbohydrates.

This factor is called the glycemic index (GIs). The more quickly someone can raise his or her blood glucose, the higher the glycemic index of a specific food.

Blood glucose values should remain within limits. When the blood glucose increases, the pancreas secretes insulin to facilitate its transport to cells. If insulin secretion increases sharply, due to the consumption of foods with a high glycemic index, the cells become glucose abundant.
This causes a surge of energy. However, if they exceed cellular needs, the excess complex carbohydrates simply end up becoming fat reserves in the long run. Subsequently, there can also be a significant lowering of blood glucose, that is, an uncomfortable feeling of hunger and fatigue. This creates a desire for quick sugar, creating an unhealthy dietary circle.

Complex carbohydrates, by contrast, do not cause these ups and downs. Due to its slow digestion, glucose is absorbed in a more gradual manner, and insulin secretion is also more reserved.

In individuals predisposed to obesity, these fluctuations may contribute, over the years, to creating a disorder of insulin resistance, which in its extreme form is adult diabetes, a type of diabetes that is not due to a lack of insulin secretion from the pancreas, but rather, from a loss of insulin receptors on the cell walls.

This has been linked to obesity in ways complex carbohydrates haven’t.

How to Get Complex Carbohydrates from Food

Complex carbohydrates can be obtained from honey, sugar, fruit juice. Consumption of flours rich in complex carbohydrates, as well as their derivatives, such as sweets, bread, etc.

Complex carbohydrates can also be obtained from fresh fruit, which also happens to contain a large amount of fiber. Ingestion of grains, legumes and vegetables also help to provide complex carbohydrates.

The more refined a food is, the higher its glycemic index. Refined cereal and white rice, for example, have a glycemic index that is higher than that of brown rice. If the grains are removed from the seeds and peel, your digestion is faster.

Moreover, flour increases the surface exposure of molecules to the digestive enzymes, increasing the speed with which they are digested, and this impacts the glycemic index also.

In the case of foods made with flour (bread, pasta, and breakfast cereals) the type of grinding involved with the production of the grain also affects the glycemic index. The more fine the grinding, the higher the glycemic index will be.

Breads abundant in complex carbohydrates made with coarsely ground flour, especially those containing whole grains or seeds (flax, sesame, sunflower), have a very low glycemic index.

This rule applies to pasta as well; the more soft and fine grained it is, the more elevated the glycemic index will be, so it may be better to cook the pasta similar to what Italians like to call "al dente."

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Factors and Prevention of Teen Obesity

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teen obesity

Kathlyn Gay takes a serious look at these issues in her book, Am I fat? The Obesity Issue for Teens. She explores the common factor in obese teens, how dieting effects teens, if Bariatric surgery is a valid option for teens needing to lose weight and how we can prevent teen obesity.

Factors of Teen Obesity

  • Genes that store more fat
  • The body’s natural instinct to protect itself against starvation
  • Eating more calories than you burn throughout the day
  • Emotional makeup
  • Economic status
  • Lack of sleep affecting hormones
  • Not getting enough exercise
  • Changes in products to make them taste better (often with more sugar)
  • Living in a fast food world
  • Unhealthy school lunches and vending machine choices

Teens on a Diet

Teens are more likely to follow a fad diet because of the bombarding advertisements on the subject on TV, the radio, the Internet and in magazines they read. Without the experience of knowing how to determine if a diet is an opportunistic fad diet or a real way to lose weight, teens may fall for the deceptive advertisements. The appeal is usually to lose weight quickly without much effort.

Teens need to educate themselves on how to spot a fad diet and what constitutes a healthy lifestyle to promote weight loss. Experimenting with different diets from no carb and calorie restrictive diets to detox plans and miracle weight loss drugs often leave teens weighing more than when they started and feeling worse about themselves over their diet failures.

Bariatric Surgery and Teens

Should teens consider weight loss surgery? Morbidly obese teens with a BMI of 40 or more may be considered for Bariatric surgery as a last resort. Weight loss surgery carries a lot of health risks for teens and most surgeons will not perform the operation on a teen unless they are fully grown and have developed life-threatening health problems. Bariatric surgery is a big step and it is a personal decision that needs to be made between the teen and their parents, along with a knowledgeable surgeon.

How to Prevent Teen Obesity

TV commercials, Web sites and even Sesame Street characters are spreading the word about making small lifestyle changes to prevent teen obesity.
Some schools have taken an active role in educating teens about healthy food choices and providing healthier meal options at school.

But the most important factor in teen weight loss is their family. Parents who support their teen, act as a role model and get active with their teen are more successful at preventing teen obesity than those who don’t.

Am I fat? takes an honest look at the obesity issues teens face. The book offers practical advice for teens and their parents on preventing obesity, losing weight, and developing healthy habits for life.

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Affordable Body Composition Testing Available

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body composition testing

The following methods of defining body fat percentage offer an accurate and scientific reading, as well as being a bit more convenient, accessible, and affordable than other methods.

Bioelectrical Impedance

Electrical signals are measured as they pass through fat, lean mass, and water when using the BIA test, according to the article "Body Fat Analyzing - Comparing Methods for Measuring Body Fat." Lean body mass, because of its high water content, is very conductive. The current between two electrodes is measured and then the resistance reading, in ohms, is applied to formulas to acquire the body composition measurement. This type of test is now available as a scale from several companies for convenient, affordable, and accurate testing at home. These scales use handgrip electrodes and feet electrodes to complete the measurements required for an accurate body composition profile.


Skin fold testing is based on the body fat stored directly beneath the skin (subcutaneous fat). The amount of subcutaneous fat is measured by pinching folds of skin and fat at several locations. The skin fold test is performed with a hand-held vice-like instrument called a skin fold caliper. The caliper jaws pinch a fold of skin and fat, measuring the fat fold thickness in millimeters. The sum of the measurements is used in a calculation to derive a body fat percentage.
Specifically designed for self-testing is the skin fold caliper called the Accu-Measure. This caliper is found to be just as accurate as the sum of three skin folds taken by an experienced tester, according to Tom Venuto in Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (2004). This caliper is convenient and affordable and accurate for home testing.

Underwater Weighing

Although this method is not nearly as convenient and affordable as the two mentioned above, it is considered the "gold standard" of body composition testing, according to Venuto and has been around for a long time. With this test, a person is weighed outside of a water tank, then immersed in water and weighed again. Fat floats and muscle sinks. Someone with more bone and muscle density weighs more in the water, indicating a higher body density and a lower percentage of fat than a person with less bone and muscle density. Factors to consider to assure test accuracy include people with denser bones (athletes, young people) may appear to have lower body fat percentages when measured this way, according to Venuto. Another factor, according to Venuto, is residual volume which is the amount of air left in the lungs after a complete exhale. Before being submerged, a person must exhale as much air as possible. If every bit of air isn't exhaled (which isn't possible), a person can appear to have a higher body fat percentage than he really does. Although this method is one of the most accurate, people find it cumbersome, uncomfortable, and may fear the total submersion required.

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An Obesogenic Society

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obesogenic society

We live in a time when the environmental conditions are such that they create an obesity problem. Consider that 65% of American adults are overweight and more than one third are obese. Our lifestyles support these statistics. Our environment causes us to gain excess fat and makes weight loss difficult at best.

Social Features that Contribute to Obesogenics and Excess Fat Storage

There are many factors in our environment that cause us to gain weight and make losing weight a real challenge.
• People eat too many prepackaged foods.
• People get less exercise due to busy lifestyles (and sometimes due to the safety issues of being outdoors.)
• The market is flooded with cheap, energy-dense foods.
• Portion sizes continue to increase.
• Climate changes prevent us from getting enough natural sunlight and having a safe walking environment.
• Overweight people drink too much soda and other sugary drinks.
• People are glued to their TV and computer screens far too many hours per day.
• People rely on the technological advances that generally make their lives easier and require less movement.
• There is an over-reliance on fast foods.
Until recently, researchers have focused on many different aspects of weight loss. They have studied diets, genetics, hormones, exercise patterns, metabolism, behavioral therapy and ways to increase energy to burn more fat. It is a constant struggle to find the answer to long and lasting weight loss. Take a closer look at obesogenics and how environmental factors that affect our weight loss and weight gain is the missing piece.

Changing the Environment to Lose Weight

If our environment is to blame for our obesity problem like obesogenics suggests, weight loss is possible through environmental changes.
• Stop buying into the fast food craze.
• Stop purchasing prepackaged foods at the grocery store.
• Take a back-to-basics approach to life.
• Make exercise a priority in your daily life.
• Limit TV and computer time.
• Carefully watch your portion sizes.
• Increase the number of fruits and veggies you eat each day.
• Eat foods in their most natural form.
• Take note of the shortcuts you've grown accustomed to and stop taking the easy way out. Use a push lawnmower and stand up to change the channel on the TV, for example.

The bottom line is that making simple changes within your environment will give you the opportunity to eat smarter and exercise more, which is the magic combination for weight loss. Leading a healthy lifestyle is the only way to lose weight and permanently manage a healthy weight.

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Benefits of Acai Berry For Weight Loss

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The benefits of the acai berry are very well known because they have been featured in news headlines and on popular talk shows. But how beneficial is the acai berry for weight loss?

acai berry for weight loss

There are many health benefits of acai berry. It is very high in antioxidants, omega fatty acids, fiber, nutrients, and vitamins. These health benefits are reason enough for its popularity and why many people incorporate it into their diets. It is the reason for it being labeled a "superfood." However, the jury is still out on whether or not it is an effective weight loss supplement.

The reason for the uncertainty is that acai berry has not been significantly tested as a weight loss supplement. Scientists, nutritionists, and researchers haven't performed the necessary studies and tests. However, the test of the ingredients have be performed. The weight loss benefits of antioxidants, fiber, and the various other nutrients have been researched. Knowing this and knowing that acai berry has a high concentration of these ingredients provides insights to the weight loss benefits of acai berry.

How does the acai berry really help with weight loss?

Better Nutrition

Acai berry is very beneficial to overall health. If a pure acai berry is being used, the supplement can be used to ensure that the diet is healthier and more nutritious. Since losing weight requires consuming less calories, it is often the case that nutrition and vitamins are also reduced in the process. Acai berry can be used to supplement any nutrition that is lost during a diet.

Suppressing the Appetite

Acai berry is nearly 42% fiber, and contains a high level of Omega 3,6, and 9 fats. These are both very effective in suppressing the appetite and in preventing snacking between meals. In addition, fiber and the omega fatty acids can help make the digestive tract more efficient.

Increase Metabolism and Have More Energy

The omega fatty acids, fiber, amino acids and vitamins in acai can also help to boost metabolism. And a boost in metabolism can help burn more calories — even at rest. In addition, with more energy it becomes easier to exercise longer and harder, and then to recover faster.
Though acai berry is touted by many manufacturers for weight loss, the jury is still out. It is most famous for its high antioxidant levels, which is often the main reason many people use this supplement. It is also very important to know that supplements, including those with acai berry, are not going to provide weight loss without a proper diet and exercise. Though acai berry does have ingredients known to assist in weight loss, the main benefits of acai berry are its health benefis.

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Ball Exercises That Shift Abdominal Fat

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ball exercises

Almost everyone would like to lose some fat around their middle and gain more defined abdominal muscles. The secret to success is simple enough: eat healthily and get more exercise.

However, there are some exercise routines that will help remove that stubborn belly fat faster than others. One option is the large gym ball, which is a fun and effective piece of equipment in the fight against the flab. Here are just some of the ball exercises that will help shift abdominal fat.

Lose Belly Fat with the Ball Lift

The ball lift is a simple exercise, which is a great workout for the abdominal muscles. To perform this exercise, simply lay face-up with the ball between the ankles. Next, squeeze the ball between the ankles and lift until the feet are pointing towards the ceiling. Slowly, bring the feet and ball back down to the ground.

When first trying this exercise, it is recommended that 10-12 reps are performed twice a week. Obviously, over time, as the abdominal muscles get stronger the reps and frequency of the exercise can be increased.

Get Defined Abs with Exercise Ball Crunches

Crunches are a well-worn abdominal exercise and the exercise ball crunches are widely thought to be the best workout for the abs. Moreover, it is an incredibly simple routine, which can be done while watching television. Simply, sit on the ball (crossing the arms over the chest or behind the head) and perform approximately 20-25 crunches. First, try completing these reps at least three times per week.

Like any abdominal exercise, it is best to increase the frequency of the workout over weeks and months. However, it is important to not overdo the workout in the early stages, especially for those who are unused to frequent and regular exercise.

Fight Stomach Fat with the Ball Curl

The ball curl is similar to the ball lift, in that it is performed in a lying position. Position the feet on top of the ball and then lift the hips as high as possible. Next, try to pull the ball under the buttocks using the heels. This is a tricky manoeuvre that requires patience and good balance.

However, once mastered, it will effectively work both the hamstrings and the abs, so it is worth persisting with. Try to perform at least 10-12 reps per session, but if it is particularly difficult, aim for fewer.

Of course, these are just three of the ball exercises that will help reduce stomach fat. However, they are among the best workouts for the abdominal muscles. By including these exercises in a weekly workout regime and combining them with a good diet, dramatic fat loss and definition can be achieved.

Remember, if any of the above exercises become painful, it is advisable to discontinue it immediately.

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Three Other Factors Affecting Your Size and Shape

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size and shape

Unfortunately it's not easy for the majority of us to lose weight, especially when we're on a structured diet. Losing weight may involve more than self-discipline, exercise and watching every morsel that goes into your mouth. There are other things that affect your size and shape – things that are impossible to control.

Three Factors that Contribute to Your Body Shape and Size

1. Age. Most people round out a little as they get older, as a result of a decreased metabolism and less movement. Menopause can cause women to suddenly gain weight, and both men and women find that they can't eat as much as they did a few years back without gaining a few pounds!

2. Set point and metabolism. The set point of your weight is predetermined, which means that your body stubbornly clings to a certain amount of weight. For instance, my husband's set point dictates that he won't gain an ounce no matter what or how much he eats. My set point, on the other hand, is set a little higher than I'd like, causing me to gain pounds when I catch a whiff of French fries and bacon cheeseburgers. Evidently, physiological forces can prevent weight loss. However, I do know it's possible to be thinner than I am now because I once was – but it was a real struggle staying at my lowest weight. Perhaps that's the secret behind set points: it's still possible to lose weight, but just a little more difficult.

3. Genetics. Your body shape, weight, and size is affected by your genes. Studies have shown that adopted children are most similar in body shape and weight to their biological parents. You see examples all around you, every day, of people looking exactly like their parents or grandparents – for better or for worse. I have my mom's curves and tendency towards the bulge; my half-sisters have their mother's lean silhouette and long, slim limbs. It's part of our inheritance (for better or worse).

Food and Fitness Level Counts!
Watching what you eat, exercising, and keeping informed of health tips and low-fat recipes are still extremely important in losing weight and keeping it off. Remember to strike a balance between accepting and loving your body the way it is, and striving for health and wellness.
Feeling no fear naked and confident about who you are is possible – and it doesn't matter what your weight or shape is!

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Benefits of Keeping a Food Journal

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food journal

At the beginning of each new year many individuals put weight loss at the top of their New Years resolution list. A few are able to follow through with this resolution but many more will try and fail. Weight loss requires both changes in lifestyle and in eating habits. Many individuals think they are changing their eating habits far more than they actually are. Keeping a daily food journal or diary can help individuals who are really serious about losing weight.

Food Journals Make Every Calorie Count

Individuals who keep food diaries are able to see just how many calories they are truly consuming a day. A cookie here, a mocha latte there and the calories begin to pile up. An individual who is aiming to maintain a caloric intake of 1300 may do calculations at the end of the day and realize he has exceeded this. He can then look at what he ate and see what can be eliminated to meet his goals.

Food Journals Help Assess Nutrition

Individuals who keep food diaries are able to see how they are faring in relation to how many vital nutrients they are consuming. Men and women trying to lose weight may find that in their diet efforts they are not making proper choices and are lacking in calcium, protein, vitamin C or many other nutrients the body needs for health and energy.

Food Journals Lead to Twice as Much Weight Loss

An article in USA Today on July 8, 2008 told of the results of numerous research studies in which participants who kept daily food diaries at least six days a week doubled weight loss in comparison to individuals who did not keep a food journal.

The magazine recommended that individuals allow someone else to look at their food journals to help keep them accountable and to motivate them to make better choices. It also recommended that individuals trying to lose weight look at the portion sizes they are consuming when they eat at restaurants and only eat part of what they are served.

Losing weight is not easy and takes a great deal of commitment. Food diaries help people remember each day that they have a goal they are trying to accomplish and if they eat a doughnut at work they are going to have to look at it as an entry in their journal later with regret.

Anyone planning to go on a diet or weight loss program should get a physical with their doctor prior to beginning and let their physicians know their plans.

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Benefits of Acai Capsules

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acai capsules
As the media coverage increases, more attention is given to the weight loss and overall health benefits of the Acai Berry. This isn't without reason. The berry on this fruit is beneficial in many ways. However, like with all items that experience a flood of hype, it is important to take some time and do research.

Benefits of Acai

This fruit from the Brazilian Amazon has many health benefits. Scientists at the University of Florida have labeled it as one of the most versatile fruits available. This is because it has high concentrations of amino acids, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and fibers. This not only makes it very good for weight loss, but also for overall health. So far, acai berry has shown positive results for the prevention of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson’s.

The Acai Berry is rich in fiber, key antioxidants, and minerals, that when combined, results in a one-hundred percent natural super supplement. The extracts from this super fruit can assist in reducing a number of problems in the blood stream to both keep the immune system strong, and internal and external cells healthy. In addition, it naturally suppresses the appetite.

Acai Berry and Weight Loss

Most famously, this fruit is known for being able to successfuly help in weight loss. The acai berry suppresses the appetite, cleanses the digestive system, and makes sure that additional calories aren't transformed into fatty tissues. It detoxes the body of toxins and unprocessed foods. Suppressing the appetite naturally (instead of through artificial chemicals, which can be worrisome) helps to safely reduce the need to eat and snack because the body feels more full for longer.

Pure Acai Berry

Unless the supplement is organic and has been instantly freeze dried, a lot of the positive effects will be lost. Many acai products, from manufacturers looking to score from the hype surrounding the benefits of acai berry, are not preserved and packaged in a way that will be most beneficial. Those products are either not one hundred percent pure because of the additions of sugars, caffeine, and/or fruit juice or they are not quickly freeze dried to preserve all the natural benefits.

Scientifically the benefits of acai berry are known. There are plenty of products to choose from. However, choosing the right pure acai berry product that will give the best benefits is important for gaining the maximum effect. For more information, read this pure acai berry review.

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Body Fat Percentage

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body fat percentage

People who decide to lose weight too often focus on a number on the scale rather than what they really want to lose - fat. The biggest disadvantage of using weight loss as the ultimate measure of success is that the amount of weight lost has no bearing on what was lost, fat or muscle, yet losing fat, as opposed to muscle, has a large effect on a positive outcome. Too much muscle loss results in a smaller, yet still flabby, version of the dieter while increased fat loss results in more desirable muscle tone.

Measuring Body Fat, the First Step to Fat Loss Success

There are many methods of estimating body fat percentage, but some are more easily accessible than others. Several methods, such as underwater testing and the DEXA test are very accurate, but impractical for repeated measurements. Better options for those hoping to improve their body composition are skin-fold calipers and bio-electric impedance devices.

Measuring Body Fat Percentage Using Skin-fold Calipers

Skin-fold calipers are small devices used to measure the thickness of skin pinches at precise locations on the body. There are several protocols, including a 3-site test, as well as a 7-site test, that are accurate, but require someone else to perform the test due to the pinch locations. The thickness of the pinches are totaled and a body fat percentage is determined based on gender and age.

For those interested in a convenient method of performing a skin-fold body fat test on themselves, Accumeasure makes an inexpensive, skin-fold caliper that gives reasonable results from an accessible, single-pinch location.

Measuring Body Fat Percentage Using Bio-Electric Impedance Devices

Several manufacturers make scales or hand-held devices that measure body fat percentage by a process called bio-electric impedance. These test the body’s resistance to a small electric current which is then translated into a body fat percentage. Some of these devices are expensive and they are very sensitive to hydration levels. Large increases, or decreases, in hydration can throw off the calculations by several percentage points.

Losing Fat is Not the Same as Losing Weight

A prerequisite of losing weight is a calorie deficit. A person must consume fewer calories than are being burned, and once the deficit totals approximately 3500 calories, a pound is lost. The composition of that pound of weight is typically a combination of fat, water, and muscle. To minimize the amount of muscle lost, and maximize fat loss during dieting, dieters must strength train with a general conditioning program utilizing as much muscle mass as possible. Strength training forces the use of muscles and makes the body burn fat preferentially, while maintaining muscle mass, and increasing the resulting muscle tone after dieting.

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Body Mass Index Calculation for Weight Status

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body mass index calculation

Use the BMI calculation to determine weight status. By calculating BMI one can get an indication of whether they are underweight, of normal weight, overweight or fall in the obesity range.

What is BMI - Body Mass Index?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is an indicator of relative body fat that can be used to predict a person’s risk for weight associated diseases. It is determined using a simple calculation that takes into consideration the ratio of weight to height, and defines what weight category a person falls into.

The Body Mass Index Calculation

BMI is defined as the weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height in metres (kg/m2).
As such, the body mass index calculation uses the following equation:
  • BMI = Weight / (Height)2

Examples of Calculating BMI

If a person weighs 60kg and is 1.75 metres tall, the person’s body mass calculation is as follows follows:
  • BMI = 70 / (1.75)2 = 22.9
If a person weighs 85kg and is 1.75 metres tall, the person’s body mass calculation is as follows follows:
  • BMI = 85 / (1.75)2 = 27.8
If a person weighs 100kg and is 1.75 metres tall, the person’s body mass calculation is as follows follows:
  • BMI = 100 / (1.75)2 = 32.7

How Does Calculating BMI Correlate to Normal Weight, Underweight, Overweight or Obese?

According to the WHO, a person is:
  • of normal weight if their BMI lies between 18.5 and 25 kg/m2.
  • underweight if their BMI falls below 18.5 kg/m2
  • overweight if their BMI lies between 25kg/m2 and 30kg/m2
  • obese if their BMI falls above 30kg/m2

Restrictions of the Body Mass Index Calculation

While the WHO endorses the use of BMI to define one’s weight status, there are some restrictions to using this tool. The following must be considered when using the body mass index calculation:
  • BMI values are age-independent, and therefore may underestimate body fat in older persons.
  • BMI values do not take into consideration muscle mass, and therefore may overestimate body fat in athletes and other people such as men who tend to be more muscular than women.
  • BMI ranges do not take into consideration body frame size, and therefore may not correspond to the different populations. This may also result in overestimates of body fat in many men.
  • BMI values may overestimate the mount of body fat in pregnant women.

Implications of Calculating BMI

By calculating BMI one can get an indication of whether they are underweight, overweight, obese or of normal weight. If a person falls outside the "normal" BMI range, they may want to consider seeking help from a health professional to get their body back on track, since both underweight and overweight and obesity can lead to many different health complications.

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Best Diet Tips for Weight Loss

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diet tips for weight loss

The weight battle is a difficult challenge. Some have trouble losing the pounds while others have trouble keeping it off after they've lost the weight. Successful weight loss and maintenance still depends on diet and exercise. But there are certain tips and tricks that dieters can use to help them stay on track and stay thin.

Take Advantage of the Surge in Self-Esteem

Dieters who have reached their weight goals feel empowered. It may not last forever, but that initial feeling should be harnessed. Dieters who have reached that goal should do something they would have never done at their previous weight. An example would be signing up for a 5K race or entering a beauty contest. This helps celebrate the accomplishment and keeps the motivation flowing.

Getting Thin Doesn't Solve All Problems

Many people think that when they've conquered their weight issues that everything else will fall into place. Conquering weight solves the health issue but it won't fix marital problems or an unhappy career. Dieters who expect everything in their life to be perfect once the pounds are lost can sometimes be disappointed when they are still struggling with other parts of their lives after they've reached their target weight. This can lead to unhappiness and weight gain. Dieters need to realize that getting thin solves just the health issue and that there still may be other underlying problems that need to be addressed - just not with food.

Don't Expect Everyone to be a Supporter

Many may applaud their friends and family member's efforts at weight loss, but some may feel threatened or even try to sabotage a dieter. The reasons can be varied. Maybe a relationship was based around the bond of eating unhealthy meals together. Maybe one person hasn't chosen to begin their weight loss journey and the other has. The point is there will always be some people that won't applaud a dieter's success. The dieter must find ways to rebuild these relationships without having them revolve around food.

Can't Eat Like Before

Any dieter who has succeeded in losing the weight, will not to eat less food than they did before for the rest of their lives. They can't go back to eating pizza every night and expect to keep the weight off. The less a person weighs, the less caloric intake they need. So if a dieter continues to shrink, they'll continue to have to decrease their calories in order to maintain. Talking to a nutritionist is the best way to figure out what the right target calories are.

Focus on the Vegetables

Vegetables are very high in fiber and water so they help dieters stave off hunger while only contributing small calories to a person's daily intake. Research has shown that people who ate healthy salads before a meal ended up eating fewer calories during that meal. So dieters should make it a rule of a thumb to fill half their plate with vegetables if they want to keep the pounds off.

Recover Quickly From Lapses

No one expects a dieter never to taste a slice of pizza or cake again. But if the lapses happen too often, the scale will start to show it. Recovering quickly from these lapses is important in order to avoid regaining the lost weight. Many people have a range they like to stay in. Once they pass the range, it's time to hit the gym a bit harder or reign in the eating plan. Weighing in on a weekly basis shows dieters whether they are maintaining their healthy lifestyle or if they're losing a bit of control. If it's the latter, it's time to make some changes.

Vary Workout Programs to Avoid Plateaus

Dieters need to keep their bodies guessing in order to continue to see improvements and stave off boredom. The human body adapts to exercise and gets more efficient at performing that exercise. Therefore, dieters need to keep changing it up in order for the body to keep working at maximal levels.

Dieters May Still See Themselves Fat

This distorted view happens to many people who have lost a large amount of weight or have been a certain weight for a very long time. In their mind, they still see themselves as fat when looking in the mirror. To overcome this, dieters need to surround themselves with positive people who encourage them and reinforce how far they've come and how great they look. They should also take certain steps, like buying a new wardrobe or getting a makeover, to update their self-image.

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Blood Type Diet

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blood type diet

Based on the popular book Eating Right for Your Type by Dr Peter J D’Amato, the blood type diet entered the weight loss diet scene about 10 years ago. The diet touts genetic backing, but does it really work?

The Blood Type Diet

Everyone has one of four basic blood types, O, A, B and AB. Dr D’Amato believes that “blood type is the key that unlocks the door to the mysteries of health, disease, longevity, physical vitality and emotional strength” Dr D’Amato has developed a diet to go with each blood type. In his book Eat Right for Your Type Dr D’Amato makes the following diet suggestions.
  • Type O: This diet recommends increasing the intake of lean, chemical-free meats, poultry and fish. It also recommends decreasing dairy products and grains. For weight loss it is suggested to restrict the consumption of grains, breads, legumes and beans and focus on intense physical activity.
  • Type A: This diet promotes a vegetarian diet that centers on foods that are fresh and organic. For weight loss eliminate meats, and toxic foods from the diet.
  • Type B: This diet should be balanced and wholesome. It should include a wide variety of foods. For weight loss corn, buckwheat, lentils, peanuts and sesame seeds should be avoided. Moderate physical exercise is recommended.
  • Type AB: This diet is a combination of the A and B diets. Most foods that are avoided on the type A and type B diets should be restricted. For weight loss it is suggested to eat only small amounts of meat that can be supplemented with vegetables and tofu. A combination of the exercises for types A and B is advised.

Who is Dr Peter J. D’Amato?

He is a naturopathic physician. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine defines naturopathic medicine as a whole medical system that aims to support the body’s ability to heal itself through the use of dietary and lifestyle changes together with complementary and alternative medicine therapies such as herbs, massage and joint manipulation.

Dr D’Adamo has been practicing for over 20 years. He has written multiple books on the Blood Type Diet. He has also done research on human blood groups, nutrition, and the field of natural products. Dr. D’Adamo founded the Institute for Human Individuality in 2003.

What Does the Research say About the Blood Type Diet?

While many literature papers, all written by Dr. D’Amato, are available there are currently no clinical studies to provide data to determine if the diet is credible. Poleszynski stated in an article in the Norwegian that based on literature by Dr D’Adamo, the doctor is mistaken on certain points and vague on others. While his general theory seems to be based on scientific studies, more testing and clinical research needs to be done.
Although many testimonials of the success of the diet are available, there is no clinical proof that the Blood type diet is a viable diet program. While the basis of each of the diets is not harmful, a person following the diet should take care to make sure to follow a balanced diet that includes foods from all food groups. A person should also be aware that Dr D’Amato promotes expensive nutrition supplements that may be unnecessary.

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At Home Weight Loss - Consult a Doctor First

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at home weight loss

From conventional calorie counting diets to ultra low-fat or ultra low-carb approaches, dieters can choose from a veritable smorgasbord of at home weight loss plans. For legal reasons, dieters are warned to speak with their physicians before trying a new diet. Most assume this is a mere formality and ignore the warning. But doing so can be a grave mistake -- far graver than many realize.

1. A Hormonal or Metabolic Problem May Be to Blame for Weight Gain

The body maintains its fat tissue deposits vis-à-vis a complicated and only rudimentarily understood system of homeostatic balance. Hormones, enzymes, genetics, and other factors all can regulate (or dysregulate) the fat tissue. Rapid or unexplained weight gain can be a telltale symptom of a disease or metabolic problem, like hypothyroidism. Certain medications can also cause metabolic syndrome -- a cluster of health problems that includes obesity, diabetes and insulin resistance. Normal physical changes in the body (such as menarche or menopause) as well as exposure to pollutants or other toxins can cause changes to hormone levels and thus lead to weight gain (or loss).

Individuals engaging in at home weight loss -- without consulting their doctors -- may miss the signs of these hormonal/metabolic problems. Consequences can be dire.

2. Changes in Diet Can Precipitate a Cascade of Changes to the Body

When someone cuts calories, fat, carbohydrates or other elements from the diet, metabolism will change in innumerable ways. Running an at home weight loss plan is a lot like running an uncontrolled experiment. A given diet may work (or appear to work) for a period of time. But initial successes can mask longer term failures. And just because someone loses “weight” doesn’t mean that the person is losing “fat.” People on very low calorie starvation diets can break down their muscle and even organ tissue for fuel in the absence of calories from food. If some metabolic or hormonal factor (such as excessive insulin secretion) prevents the body from accessing stored calories in the fat tissue for fuel, dieting can be dangerous.

3. Even Successful Weight Loss Plans Can Have Jarring Side Effects at First

The Atkins Nutritional Approach, historically one of the most successful weight loss plans, requires that most dieters enter a phase called Induction, during which carbohydrate intake is limited to just 20 grams per day. Compare this with the typical USDA recommended intake of 300 grams of carbs per day. Drastically reducing carbohydrates without proper medical supervision can be dangerous for some people, particularly the elderly and very sick. Just like doctors don’t advise heroin addicts to go cold turkey, so too might physicians warn against sudden and severe carbohydrate restriction for serious sugar addicts.

4. A Physician Can Provide Essential Support

Many at home weight loss endeavors fail because dieters operate in a vacuum. A competent, experienced, and credentialed physician (and preferably an endocrinologist) can answer dieters’ questions and guide them through stalls.

Listening to a Qualified Physician

Weight loss can yield awesome benefits, including reduced risk for diseases and an improved sense of well-being and self esteem. However, dieters who jump into at home weight loss plans without adequate physician supervision run risks:
  • Misdiagnosing the fundamental cause of weight gain
  • Ignoring underlying hormonal problems
  • Traumatizing their bodies by making too-rapid diet and exercise changes
  • Dieting without adequate support and guidance

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Tips to Prevent Weight Gain in College

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Many things contribute to weight gain during the first year of college (the so-called "Freshman 15"), including poor eating habits, lack of sleep, too much stress and not enough exercise.

College is the first time many young adults are on their own. Eating on the run, difficulty with time management and lack of resources often lead college students to eat a lot of fast food and rely on pizza delivery services for their dining needs. The biggest difference between being at home and away at school is experiencing a complete lifestyle change.

Some common indicators of college life:
  • Home-cooked meals become a distant memory.
  • Dining halls serve up unhealthy fare (and unappetizing green hot dogs!)
  • The local pizza place is listed in your favorite fives.
  • You consider a value meal at a drive-through part of a well-balanced diet.
  • You experience a high level of stress from heavy course loads and trying to make ends meet.
  • A college social life often includes late-night eating and drinking, which adds a lot of extra calories.
  • Finding time to exercise is nearly impossible when you are balancing school, work, extra-curricular activities and a social life.
Despite these lifestyle changes, you can beat the odds and avoid gaining the Freshman 15. College life can certainly present challenges, but it is entirely possible to maintain or lose weight the first year away at college.

Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle on Campus:

  • Practice time management skills and schedule your workouts.
  • Schedule your classes so that you have to walk across campus several times a day to consistently get more walking in.
  • Stay on top of class projects to avoid all-nighters. Make sure you get enough sleep each night.
  • Discover your most productive time of day when your energy is high and use it to your advantage to get more done in a shorter amount of time.
  • Pack healthy snack in your backpack that include protein. This will make it easier to resist the junk food cravings.
  • Sign up for intramural (non-competitive) sports for fun and exercise.
  • Eat naturally whenever possible.
  • Don't rely on pop or energy drinks to stay alert.
  • Carefully watch your portion sizes. When served a full plate of spaghetti, you should be able to eyeball what a single serving looks like and eat only that portion of the meal.
  • Don't skip breakfast. A high-fiber, low-fat breakfast that includes protein is a powerful way to start your day.
Hopefully your parents have instilled good eating habits and solid nutritional goals in students before they move away to college, but it is never too late to make healthier choices and prevent weight gain.

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Affordable Weight Loss Tips

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weight loss tips

Dieting can be an expensive endeavor. Take a look at the multi-billion dollar diet industry and you’ll see just how much money people spend on their goal to lose weight. Dieting is costly; whether you join Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, purchase the promising piece of exercise equipment you saw on an infomercial or invest in a pricey gym membership. Even making the switch to healthier foods increases your grocery bill. It can be discouraging for dieters on a budget.

In these tough economic times, it is necessary to find an affordable weight loss plan. While the health of our nation has been a concern and we face an obesity epidemic, most people are also tightening their belts on their spending as they also face a recession.

Affordable Weight Loss Tips

  • Stop relying on drive-thrus and restaurants for lunch. Pack a healthy lunch to save calories and cash.
  • Practice portion control. The less you eat, the less you’ll spend.
  • Use home gym equipment or outdoor activities for daily exercise. Forgo the expensive gym membership to stay within your budget.
  • Save money on gas and miles by walking or riding your bike to places within a reasonable distance from home.
  • Drink tap water rather than buying bottled water every week. A water filter may be needed, but is still less expensive in the long run.
  • Plan your weekly menus in advance and factor in what leftovers you can use for additional meals.
  • Avoid buying fruits that aren’t in season. The prices are much higher during off-peak times.
  • Check the produce isle of the grocery store for “reduced” items that are near their expiration, but are still usable.
  • Cut back on pre-processed foods.
  • Stock up on healthy pantry items when they go on sale. Stock up on canned tomatoes, vegetables and low-sodium broth.

There are many diets on the market that require you to buy certain foods or products. The fact is, however, you can shed pounds on a budget simply by eating fewer calories and burning more calories. You don’t need expensive shakes and pre-packaged meals or the latest piece of exercise equipment to lose weight.

Affordable weight loss is possible with the right planning and a little common sense. Follow a weight loss plan that allows you to budget your pocketbook as well as your calories. Your weight loss success depends on your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Avoid falling for costly weight loss products to keep your weight loss affordable and practical.

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Alli and Xenical as Weight Loss Drug Options

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alli and xenical

Following the recent withdrawal of sibutramine (Reductil) in Europe, orlistat is the only approved diet pill for obesity treatment available. In addition, many patients in the USA may not be suitable for using Meridia, following recent FDA resctrictions imposed on the weight loss drug.
Orlistat diet pill is available in prescription form as Xenical, and over-the-counter (OTC) as Alli. The purpose of this article is to inform patients of this alternative weight loss drug option.

What is Diet Pill Orlistat (Xenical,Alli)?
Orlistat is a lipase inhibitor, which means it acts to block the enzymes that break down fat in the gastrointestinal tract. As such, the diet pill induces weight loss by blocking fat absorption by the body. However, orlistat does not block all fat in the diet from being absorbed, and about 75% of the fat taken in still gets digested by the body.

As such, clinical studies have shown greater than 100% more weight loss when patients are treated with Xenical in combination with diet, compared to just diet alone. The efficacy of Alli for inducing weight loss, however, is around half of this.

Orlistat Side Effects

Unlike sibutramine and phentermine, there is minimal absorption of orlistat into the bloodstream and the weight loss drug is therefore not associated with the systemic side effects that plight these appetite suppressants. However, because of orlistat’s mode of action, the weight loss drug is associated side effects that include flatulence, diarrhoea, oily spotting and loose oily stools.

How is Orlistat (Xenical,Alli) Used for Weight Loss or Obesity Treatment?

Orlistat is available in prescription form as Xenical, and over-the-counter as Alli. Xenical has been available as a weight loss drug in both the USA and Europe for over a decade now; however, the switch to the OTC version of Alli occurred only in the last few years.

Both weight loss drug options are approved as obesity treatments in patients with a body mass index (BMI) greater or equal to 30kg/m², or for weight loss in overweight patients (BMI > 28kg/m² in Europe or BMI > 27kg/m2 in USA) with associated risk factors, such as type 2 diabetes or dyslipidaemia, when used in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet.

Although OTC Alli is half the dose of Xenical, each weight loss drug is to still be taken as one capsule three times daily.

What are the Main Differences Between Xenical and OTC diet pill Alli?

There are several differences to be noted between Xenical and Alli, which are as follows:

  • Xenical is the prescription version of orlistat, while Alli is available as an OTC diet pill.
  • While Xenical is manufactured by Roche, GSK owns the rights to and markets the OTC version.
  • Alli contains 60mg of orlistat, while Xenical contains 120mg orlistat,
  • Although OTC Alli has been shown to be clinically effective for weight loss when used in conjunction with diet in both overweight and obese patients,Xenical has superior efficacy for weight loss than Alli
  • Due to the lower dose for OTC Alli, this weight loss drug has milder side effects than Xenical.
  • Xenical has the advantage of having been shown to reduce the onset of diabetes in obese patients

The Problem Patients Face When Taking Orlistat, Obesity Treatment and Weight Loss Drug

For weight loss to occur with either weight loss drug, patients much take either Xenical or Alli in combination with a reduced calorie diet. It is suggested that the patient’s diet should contain no more than 30% of calories from fat. Patients must remember to stick to this diet, as the more fat that is ingested, the more likely orlistat side effects will occur.

If patients become worried or disenchanted because of the unpleasant effects of orlistat treatment, they should remember that these side effects will generally occur at the beginning of treatment and should become less frequent and go away with time.

Both Alli and Xenical are contraindicated in some patients, therefore if considering the switch to either weight loss drug, overweight and obese patients should consult their pharmacist or doctor to find out whether they are suitable candidates for such options.

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Amplify Fat Burn with Green Tea and Lemon

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green tea and lemon

Dieting can be a daunting task, particularly if there are many pounds to be lost. But all the efforts don’t have to be in the form of calorie deprivation and endless hours of sweating at the gym. Food can actually help a person meet his or her weight goals. The only hard part is determining which foods and/or food combinations are ideal. Scientists at Purdue University found that when certain chemicals in green tea combined with lemon juice, which is high in ascorbic acid, the results were promising for those who wanted to drink green tea to burn fat.

Green Tea Health Benefits

Various studies performed by the Japanese and Dutch show that the benefits of green tea are tremendous. In the studies, green tea has been found to reduce coronary heart disease and less clogging of the heart’s blood vessels among participants, male and female. Cardiologist Nieca Goldberg, MD, tells WebMD that green tea’s antioxidants improve the flexibility of blood vessels. In addition to supporting heart health, green tea health benefits include weight loss. Research suggests that the caffeine in green tea boosts metabolism and also can act as a diuretic, causing an increase in urine excretion.

Green Tea and Vitamin C

Can green tea really make you lose weight and can a person burn belly fat with green tea are the questions many ask when they consider sipping on a steaming cup of green tea. While on its own green tea, has wonderful health benefits, including targeting weight issues that may result in diabetes and high cholesterol, researches at Purdue University have found that green tea’s beneficial antioxidants are amplified when combined with ascorbic acid, also known as Vitamin C.

To paint a picture, green tea is full of polyphenol antioxidants known as cachetins, most specifically ECGC (epigallocatechin-3-gallate). When green tea is combined with vitamin C, researchers found that the body absorbs the cachetins three times faster into the blood stream. These cachetins are found to burn belly more fat than without vitamin C, particularly when green tea in taken in conjunction with daily exercise.

How to Use Green Tea to Burn Fat
There is speculation whether green tea is as effective taken in a supplement form, and Marji McCullough, ScD, RD, of the American Cancer Society tells WebMD that focusing on the dietary source rather then a supplement may be better because there could be several compounds in green tea that have to be consumed together. Although there is no definitive answer on this, drinking tea with lemon juice is an easy way to maximize ECGC and maximize fat burn. Have four cups a day with lemon juice, hot or iced, and let the beneficial antioxidants work as a tool for optimal health and weight loss.

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Are Drinks Making You Fat?

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According to the National Center of Health Sciences, 34 percent of Americans are now within the levels to be considered "obese," while 32.7 percent are now considered "overweight." Six percent of Americans are considered "extremely obese." While it cannot be argued that factors such as lack of exercise and poor diet are high contributors, the average American diet is full of hidden calories that one may not be aware of unless actually reading the nutritional information. Beverages are an excellent example of "hidden calorie offenders." Are your pants getting tight? Consider the following information when thinking about how you're quenching your thirst each day.


Ahh...soda. Who doesn't love an ice cold soda on a hot day? However, the average can of soda contains 150 calories. Drinking three a day? That's 450 calories a day, or 3,150 calories per week - almost a pound gained of calories only from soda.


Overall, juice isn't among some of the worst offenders of calorie-laden beverages. Aside from natural suger, there is a great deal of nutritional content found in fresh-squeezed juice. An eight ounce glass of OJ contains around 120 calories, as does apple. Cranberry runs around 130 calories per eight ounces, while grapefuit has 100 calories per cup. However, as with any food, enjoyment of juice comes with being mindful. A small OJ may only have 120 calories, but at a restaurant, a large OJ may contain 16 or more ounces of juice - adding an extra 240 or more calories to your breakfast.

Favored Coffee Drinks

With the advent of Starbucks and other popular coffee shops, so comes a demand for fancy coffee drinks, as opposed to a regular old cup of joe at the neighborhood diner. However, many of them are filled with calories. For example, a grande white chocolate mocha with whole milk has a staggering 439 calories. A grande caramel macchiato has 272 calories. If you can't give the fancy drinks in favor of regular old coffee (which has an estimated two calories in it to begin with), try getting your favorite drinks with non-fat or soy milk, sugar-free syrup, and leave off the whipped cream.


Many of us enjoy a cocktail with dinner, or a beer with burgers and pizza. However, drinking is not the way to go it you want to lose weight. First, alcohol can cause bloating, which will make you larger, and it's full of sugar. That being said, there are some drinks high in calories. A Long Island Iced Tea has an average of 276 calories. A low alcohol beer has 139 calories per bottle. A four fluid ounce serving of table wine has 99 calories. In moderation, not too bad. However, add two or three servings, and you are adding a significant amount of calories in addition to the calories you are ingesting with your food.

As always, anything in moderation isn't bad. However, when trying to lose weight, be mindful of what you're drinking, and remember any diet suggests at least 80 fluid ounces of water per day.

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Anti-Inflammatory Diet Tips

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anti inflammatory diet

Obesity has been known as a health threat. Being overweight puts people at risk for having many different symptoms, from diabetes to liver damage. A recent report from the heart specialists at John Hopkins, however, states that obesity-related inflammation causes heart failure. They go on to report that those with metabolic syndrome (a mix of high blood pressure, high blood glucose, belly fat, high cholesterol levels and obesity) have double the risk of heart failure.

A staggering 300,000 Americans die each year from heart failure. It is no coincidence that the obesity rate continually climbs. Even overweight people who feel fine can experience heart failure. Obesity is much more than an appearance issue. Obesity is a silent killer.

Overweight individuals can reverse the symptoms of obesity by adapting a healthier lifestyle and losing weight, however. Losing weight can reverse the damage to your tissues and lessen your risk of heart failure.

Inflammation is the body’s tissue reacting to certain things that cause irritation. Excess fat is one such irritant. Furthermore, inflammation leads to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance leads to weight gain. This cycle continues and the problems associated with obesity worsen. Insulin resistance is one of the symptoms of metabolic syndome and it makes losing weight difficult at best.

Reversing obesity-related inflammation is possible. In addition to general weight loss, following an anti-inflammatory diet can reverse the damage caused by the excess fat, reduce the inflammation and reduce the risk of heart failure. Here are some tips of what to eat and what to avoid.

Foods to Limit and Avoid to Lower Your Risk of Heart Failure

  • Limit junk food
  • Limit high fat meats and dairy
  • Avoid foods containing saturated
  • Avoid deep fried foods
  • Avoid pop and other sugary drink
  • Reduce the amount of sugar in your diet
  • Avoid simple carbs (including rice, potatoes and baked goods)
  • Avoid butter and margarine

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Approved Foods and Supplements

  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Lean protein (including poultry and fish)
  • 100% whole grain carbohydrates
  • Berries
  • A rainbow of fruits and vegetables
  • Nuts, seeds and beans
  • Herbs (including turmeric, cinnamon and ginger)
  • Water
  • Green tea
  • Multivitamin
  • Vitamins A, C and E
  • Chromium
  • Coenzyme q-10
Choosing the right foods can reduce obesity-related inflammation and reduce overall pain. Continuing to follow a high fat diet will worsen the effects that obesity has on your body. Your diet doesn’t have to be perfect, but aim for a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet most of the time to experience the benefits of it. Regular exercise and rest are also recommended to reduce obesity-related inflammation and cut the risk of heart failure.

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Aromatherapy and Weight Control

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Every diet and weight loss book, website and guru tries to offer something new to the debate about how to lose weight. The weight-loss industry is fast-growing, multi-billion dollar industry and shows no sign of slowing down. For decades there has been an assortment of outlandish and unhealthy fad diets circulating – the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Grapefruit Diet, the Brussels Sprouts Diet, even the Tape Worm Diet – but the fact remains that the most sensible way to lose weight is to watch what you eat and get regular exercise.

Individuality and Weight Loss

Every body is different and the amount of weight gained or lost will depend on such things as an individual’s metabolism rate, their genetics, their ability to exercise and their overall health.

Essential Oils and Weight Loss

Essential oils by themselves will not induce weight loss but they can help to support and be a comfort through a change to a healthy lifestyle. Essential oils, such as grapefruit essential oil, can be used as a diuretic and a digestive stimulant. Others, like lavender essential oil, are anti-inflammatory, which can help to reduce inflammation caused by exercise, and lemongrass essential oil, which can aid with circulation. It is commonly believed that both peppermint essential oil and pink grapefruit essential oil can help to reduce food cravings and suppress the appetite. Grapefruit is sometimes referred to as “the dieter’s friend.”

Essential Oils to Support Lifestyle Changes

Following are ten essential oils that are often used to support lifestyle changes such as increased exercise, reduced calorie intake and stress reduction. Each essential oil is chosen for its valuable properties:
  • Basil essential oil is analgesic, anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory, helping to uplift the spirit and reduce inflammation.
  • Fennel essential oil is a detoxifier, diuretic and stimulant.
  • Grapefruit essential oil is a detoxifier, digestive stimulant, emotional stimulant, and diuretic.
  • Juniper essential oil is a detoxifier, diuretic, and works well with cellulite.
  • Lavender is an analgesic, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, balancing and calming essential oil.
  • Lemon essential oil is anti-bacterial and anti-depressant.
  • Lemongrass essential oil is an antioxidant, digestive tonic and it is used to energize and stimulate the circulation.
  • Orange essential oil is anti-depressant, lymph stimulating, tonic and uplifting. It is thought to eliminate toxins.
  • Petitgrain essential oil is an antidepressant and a sedative. It is also known to help with insomnia and nervous exhaustion.
  • Rosemary essential oil is an analgesic and diuretic.
Use the essential oils singly or blend together. Try them in a bath, an aromatherapy diffuser or add them to a carrier oil and use in a massage.

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