How Lose Ten Pounds in One Week

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lose ten pounds
First realize that no one person or program can actually promise any amount of weight loss. It's up to each individual to do what is necessary to lose weight. With any diet, it's going to take hard work and a commitment to very strict dietary guidelines along with an aggressive exercise program just to lose a few pounds. Even then, weight loss is likely to be mostly water weight. The healthiest way to lose weight is gradually, over a period of time.

There are "diets" that claim a person can lose 10 pounds in a week, but only a few of them will actually work for some people. Some of those diets actually suggest no eating at all in order to lose weight, which is simply unhealthy. The best plan for weight loss over any period of time is getting control of the type and amount of foods that are eaten. According to, Dr. Michael Dansinger, the MD for NBC's Biggest Loser show says, "There is nothing is wrong with losing weight rapidly -- as long you do it the right way."

Seven Day Diet that Promises Quick Weight Loss

Day one starts with a cleansing detox drink made from one cup of water, one cup of lemon juice, honey, and slices of ginger. Make enough for the whole day and drink this when feeling hungry. Day two is eating lots of fruits and plants with small meals including lean fish or chicken, no beef. Day three adds two pieces of apple and a cup of black beans to each meal. This adds fiber and jump starts weight loss. Day four begins with a big breakfast consisting of cereals and grains such as a whole grain cereal with skim milk, whole wheat toast or bagel.

On day five, take note of calorie intake over each of the past four days and now spread that daily average caloric intake throughout the day, eating five or six small meals. Day six is maintenance of the progress made in previous days. Continue cutting more sugar and fat from the diet. For example, eat yogurt rather than ice cream. Day seven adds fresh juice from a juicer (no bottled, canned, or frozen juices) and green tea to the diet.

The Need for Exercise

According to WebMD, cardiovascular exercise is essential to weight loss. There is no need to spend a wad of cash on an expensive gym membership or buy some fancy piece of equipment. Cardiovascular exercise is the sort of exercise that gets the heart racing and includes walking, jogging, running, elliptical training, jumping jacks, etc. Cardiovascular exercises should be done in the morning to jump start the metabolism and help burn more calories throughout the entire day. Get up 20 minutes earlier every day, get out there and get that heart pumping.

Pilates is a type of exercise that tones and flexes the muscles and connective tissues. These exercise concentrate the effort and effect on specific areas of the body including buttocks, thighs, legs, and abdominal muscles. Pilates will not only help to lose that 10 pounds, but also distribute the weight evenly while toning the best, more shapely parts of a body. Pilates is also low impact and can be done anywhere, even at home. Unlike cardiovascular exercises, Pilates does not increase the heart rate as much so it can be performed in the evening just before bedtime.

If there is a program or method out there promising to lose ten pounds in a week without exercise, it's probably not the healthiest or safest process. Simply put, exercise increases the energy level and metabolism which makes your body able to burn more calories and lose weight. The most healthy combination to lose 10 pounds in a week is lots of exercise along with a very specific diet plan.

Sugar, saturated fats, sodas, fruit juices, cookies, ice cream, etc. will have to be eliminated totally from the diet. It's also important is drinking six to eight glasses of water every day

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How to Prepare Hibiscus Tea

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hibiscus tea

The Hibiscus flower is known by many names around the world. In the US is known as hibiscus or roselle, Jamaica flower in Latin America, karkady in the Middle East, bissap in West Africa, sorrel in Jamaica and red sorrel in wider Caribbean. But regardless of the name, this red flower has much more to it than just offering a delicious and refreshing tea, or "fresh water," as it is called in Latin America.

Besides its use as a natural diuretic and a tremendous aid in weight lose programs, the Hibiscus flower has proven to be excellent for other medical issues. Biologist Yolanda Aquino and Doctor Alfonso Leon Cruz from the General Hospital No. 1 in Oaxaca, Mexico discovered it was excellent in lowering cholesterol levels. Some patients under observation lowered their cholesterol up to 35% and triglycerides up to 19%. Hibiscus is also useful to the immune system and its flavor, sort of a tart cranberry juice, is delicious. It contains 15-30% organic acids: citric acid, maleic acid, tartaric acid, polysaccharides, flavonoid glycosides such as cyanidin and delphinidin.

But fresh water or tea is not the only thing you can prepare with this unique flower. After you’ve boiled the flower for tea or fresh water, you can cook the calyces and eat it in tacos, and its flavor is delicious.

Preparation of Hibiscus Tea

To prepare hibiscus tea, do the following:
  • Boil a gallon of water.
  • Add two cups of hibiscus or Jamaica flower
  • Boil five more minutes
  • Remove from heat, cover and let it stand for fifteen minutes
  • Pour half in a pitcher and add sugar at will. (Some people like it with no sugar, or sweeteners and the taste is just as delicious) Fill the pitcher with water.
  • Serve with ice.

Preparation of Hibiscus Tacos

To prepare hibiscus tacos, once you’ve prepared your water, strain the water of the flowers and set aside. Then do the following:
  • Chop a whole white onion and two Serrano peppers. If you can’t eat spicy food, slice the pepper on the sides, leaving the seeds in the middle, and just using the slices without the seeds, that will make the pepper mildly hot.
  • Fry the onion and the Serrano Pepper until onion is brown. Add the flowers to it and stir occasionally. Add Salsa Maggi (a sauce similar to soy sauce but not quite, sold in most Mexican grocery stores. If you can’t find Maggi sauce, use salt and pepper. Cilantro can be added as well, it is up to you.
  • Serve on corn or flour tortillas with a slice of avocado.

The Hibiscus flower not only is beautiful to see, but used as a tea, cold or hot, adds great benefits to you health and lose weight program, it can be used as an aid to lower high blood pressure and reduce your cholesterol levels, and it helps burn those extra calories as well. Cooked Hibiscus is also a delicious alternative served in tacos or salad adding color to your table and great health benefits at the same time.

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Information on Lipitrex, a Weight Loss Supplement

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weight loss

Lipitrex is a dietary supplement that is designed to help consumers lose weight. Weight loss is achieved through a combination of appetite suppression, metabolic rate increases and more efficient fat processing. This supplement has been engineered and manufactured by Progressive Health Nutraceuticals. As with any dietary supplement, care should be taken while using Lipitrex.

Function of Lipitrex

The components of Lipitrex work in tandem to promote weight loss. The ingredients in Lipitrex work together to promote weight loss by stimulating hunger-suppressing hormones, digesting fats more efficiently, increasing energy and increasing metabolism. Lipitrex helps the body minimize fat storage. For optimal effects, Lipitrex should be taken while the user maintains a modest, healthy diet with a regular exercise schedule.

Proper Lipitrex Dosage

To obtain maximum benefits form taking Lipitrex, consumers should take the supplement as directed. The manufacturers of Lipitrex have designed their supplement to be taken daily for at least between 45 and 65 days to obtain the maximum benefits. As recommended by the manufacturer, consumers should take two Lipitrex capsules every morning followed by two caplets in the afternoon. Consumers should take Lipitrex doses with at least 8 ounces of water.

Ingredients in Lipitrex

There are several ingredients in each Lipitrex tablet. According to the manufacturer, Lipitrex contains magnesium, chromium, green tea extracts, coleus forskohlii, PinnoThin, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and guarana extract. One 4-softgel serving of Lipitrex contains around 100 mg of magnesium, 100 mcg of chromium, 100 mg of green tea extract, 120 mg of coleus forkohlii, 1,500 mg of PinnoThin, 1,500 mg of CLA and 200 mg of guarana extract.

Effects of Lipitrex

According to research conducted by the manufacturer of Lipitrex, magnesium has been found to reduce diabetes in children that are obese. Chromium is supposedly vital to glucose metabolism and green tea extract increases fat metabolism and can help decrease weight. Coleus forskohlii can increase lean body mass and PinnoThin stimulates cholecystokinin which is a hormone that controls appetite. CLA also aids in appetite control. Guarana can also be effective in promoting weight loss.

Warnings About Lipitrex

As with any supplement, some people may experience adverse side effects while regularly taking Lipitrex. Consumers should consult a doctor before beginning a regimen involving Lipitrex. One of the negative effects of Lipitrex use is that it may compromise the body’s insulin processing ability and lead to diabetes. Lipitrex contains caffeine, which may be an undesirable stimulant ingredient to some people.

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Increasing Metabolism and Losing Weight Quickly

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Increasing metabolism is essential for anyone that plans on losing weight quickly. The faster the metabolism is working, the more calories that will be burned during the day, which will determine someone's weight loss.

Cut Down on the Alcohol for Weight Loss

The first step to increasing metabolism is to cut down on alcohol consumption (to get the metabolism functioning at it's optimum level and get the body to start losing weight quickly it is better to cut out alcohol all together if possible). When a person drinks alcohol their body views the alcohol as a poison, so it works to remove the alcohol from their system before anything else. So if someone has food in their stomach while there is still alcohol in their system, their body is only working to get the alcohol out and not the food. Only when the alcohol is gone does the metabolism begin to process the food. This can quickly result in a slow metabolism. Eating lots of food while drinking is a quick way to gain weight. An increasing metabolism is an extremely difficult goal for people who drink alcohol and then eat. Keep the alcohol consumption as low as possible and do not eat after drinking alcohol.

Avoid Fried Foods to Boost Metabolism

Foods that are deep fried in fat can result in a slow metabolism and can make you gain weight as a result. Instead of eating fried foods, eat foods that are grilled or boiled instead. Boiled and grilled foods are not going to add unnecessary calories and fat to a meal. To increase metabolism, always boil or grill any type of meats or fish that are going to be consumed. Eating meats and fish that are grilled or boiled is an easy way to start losing weight quickly. Chicken is a meat that is typically deep fried in restaurants, so avoid any chicken that was prepared using deep frying.

Yo-Yo Dieting Slows Metabolism

Studies show that yo-yo dieting can slow down the metabolism, sometimes even permanently. Instead of starting and stopping diets, focus on maintaining a healthy diet throughout the year so as to not end up with a slow metabolism. Losing weight quickly will come from a healthy balanced diet, not crash diets that will only help weight loss for a short time before an inevitable eating binge occurs.

Do Not Eat Before Bed

As the night goes on, the metabolism begins to slow down as the body prepares itself for sleep. When someone starts eating late at night right before bed, the metabolism is not working at a very high level and this will make it very easy to gain weight. As a general rule, do not eat any food after 8pm. This is an important step to losing weight quickly because almost everyone gets late night cravings but it takes will power to fight this urge and avoid eating unnecessary calories.

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be used for diagnosis or to guide treatment without the opinion of a health professional. Any reader who is concerned about his or her health should contact a doctor for advice.


Lose 10 Pounds by Eliminating Fast Food

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People living in towns with high concentrations of fast food restaurants ate more fast food and gained more weight, according to a study by the American Journal of Epidemiology. That is surprising news and makes one wonder how that could be. Really? No matter what the advertising says, the vast majority of fast food is unhealthy. It tastes good, it's convenient, it's even cheap. It's also allowing people to consume many times the maximum allowable healthy levels for trans fat every day.

eliminating fast food

"That's why it's called killer fat," says Steen Stender of the Gentofte University Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark, and lead author of the analysis in The New England Journal of Medicine. Fast food is not designed to cause all these problems, it's just that the trans fat in the oil and in some food items makes them last longer and are therefore more cost–effective for restaurants. Some foods already high in calories and trans fat are being fried in oil that adds as much as 60 percent more trans fat after they're cooked.

Bad Trans Fat and Fast Food

Okay, so trans fat is a very bad thing. And trans fat is in most fast foods. Trans fat raises bad cholesterol and may lead to coronary heart disease, strokes, and diabetes. Links between trans fat and obesity, cancer, liver dysfunction and infertility have also been analyzed. Study the nutrition information at just about any fast food restaurant and what is there might be a bit scary, especially when considering the American Heart Association recommends a maximum of two grams of trans fat or less per day. Folks consuming more than 5 grams of trans fat raised the risk of heart attack by 25 percent.

Of all the available foods at a typical fast food restaurant, most of them have over two grams of trans fat per serving. Some fast food items have more than five grams of trans fat in over half of the menu items listed. One item at one fast food restaurant actually weighed in with a hefty 30 grams of trans fat, not to mention the saturated fat, calories, and sodium. French fries and chicken nuggets, the most popular items at some restaurants, contain the highest levels of this unhealthy, artery–clogging trans fat.

Weight Loss and Fast Food

Eating a burger and fries that together combine to make a total of four to five times the maximum allowable daily intake of trans fat is not conducive to losing weight. The way in which fast foods are prepared add so much trans fat and saturated fat to the menu items so as to render them unhealthy for human consumption. As it is now, the average American consumes four to five times the amount of healthy trans fat every day.

States and cities are considering total bans on trans fat in any type of food served is an indicator of just how bad trans fat is for the human body. Remember, trans fat is not the problem. People deciding to eat trans fat and put more money in the pockets of big corporations so they'll keep offering more unhealthy food is the real problem. If trying to lose weight, that should be an easy decision for anyone.

Fast Food and a Sensible Weight Loss Plan

The good news is there are are ways to lose weight and eat fast food. First, check the nutrition facts that now come with every menu item. This information can be found on a restaurant's website or in published materials at the restaurant. For saturated fat and cholesterol, any menu item containing over 20 percent of the daily value is considered high. Stay away from these items if trying to lose weight.

Most fast food restaurants are changing their menus to use polyunsaturated or mono-unsaturated fats, but keep an eye out for high levels of other unhealthy ingredients like saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Try fish instead of a burger next time. Fish is lower in saturated fat than beef. Some fish even contain omega-3 fatty acids which may offer protection against heart disease. If weight loss is a goal, choose healthier lean meats like skinless chicken or lean meats with the fat trimmed off.

Fast Food Won't Help to Lose 10 Pounds

It's simple. If the foods consumed are high in fat, calories, sodium, and trans fat, then losing weight is just not going to be possible. Make a decision today to start eating more healthier food and less prepared and fast food. Start making small changes like eating a sub sandwich once a week, or switching to fat free or one percent milk.

Eat more raw foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. The studies are showing that the way some people eat is just downright unhealthy. Today is a day of decision for the future. It's not hard, it just takes a commitment and a desire to be healthier by changing eating habits.

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Lose, Gain, Maintain - The Weight Loss Game

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maintain weight loss

People can yo-yo in their weight and be unable to identify how they have moved positions in the weight loss game. The easiest rule may be, "lose a turn," or total abstinence from food. That’s how the tobacco habit is often kicked. However, people cannot stop eating. Nourishment is necessary to life. How can a person realize they have "taken two steps backward" before the scales reveal the move?

Game Clues and Eating Game Moves

There are three game moves by which people interact with food. They are either (1) dieting and therefore losing (advance one space), (2) rewarding themselves for maintaining a healthy weight (buy Park Avenue), or (3) they are gaining (go back two spaces).

When one moves away from the eating game rules they have chosen, they have changed their outcome. To pretend advancement while going backward is to eat unhealthily. There are three game moves for relating to food. Recognizing them and the rules that go with them lead to positive eating.

No Cookie - Game Move = Advance

In order to lose weight, one must choose a winning eating program. The term "diet" is not used because most people see a diet as a temporary strategy that one plays for a short time, then they demand a re-deal. A positive loser chooses a game that will teach them how to select and prepare healthy food. Issues such as diabetes are acknowledged, menus and moves are adjusted.

The successful eating game would be a well-balanced hand and the key rule is near abstinence from cookies. "Near" is used in this context because a successful eating game allows for an occasional treat in moderation. The key to successful weight loss is to remember that the cookie is not part of the playing rules. It is only a non-habitual reward or special treat.

One Cookie - Maintain Weight

After a healthy goal weight has been achieved, there follows a lifetime of the game move – maintenance. Remember, the eating game continues to be played, now with alternate rules. Some have difficulty identifying how the new moves of healthy eating are played. How does one maintain weight when they have no idea what maintenance looks like?

Think of maintenance as a continuation of the healthy eating game that facilitated the weight loss, with a few small additions. The key word here is "small." Most people are successful at weight loss when they actually know what they are eating. They plan their meals and choose a balanced variety of tasty foods each day. Because many people do not have a natural habit of healthy food choices, they must deliberately choose them. That is done by planning and adhering to the game of balanced calories, points, or exchanges.

The beginning of maintenance usually establishes the number of calories or other measurement that will stop weight loss and still not prompt weight gain. One can become discouraged by a small weight gain at this point while their balance point is established.

Discouragement can lead to "game over" if one doesn’t see this time as a valuable point in the establishment of healthy eating as the maintenance calories are identified. This often can include an occasional cookie.

Three Cookies - Go Back One - Gain Weight

When one cookie leads to three or four, day after day, that is when a feeling of failure leads to weight gain, discouragement follows, and all-or-none thinking takes over. "I knew I’d gain it all back. I always do."

At that point, the game move must be a return to "home"no cookie. For a while that means nothing additional at all, since how to maintain has not been established. One cannot return to move two, maintenance, with a closer adherence to the rules with an occasional cookie or other treat. How many cookies are too many have not been established. Again, at this point, step away from the cookie jar and go back to "start."

Winning the Loser Game

Never see these weight fluctuations as failures. They are learning opportunities. As long as the game rules are quickly applied, success is applauded. When goal weight has been reestablished, maintenance is put into place again. It may be that a healthy weight can only be maintained, and the game enjoyed, by alternating between the loss position and a week or month of maintenance, as needed by the individual. Successful game play will determine the duration of each of the alternate rules of the rotation.

That’s not failure. That’s playing and winning the game using rules that fit the individual’s style. The ability to move smoothly around the game board, enjoying each set of alternating rules, calls for rejoicing. The secret to weight maintenance has been found.

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Can Supplements Help Weight Loss?

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weight loss supplements

In today's society – where you can't be rich enough and you can't be thin enough – people are looking for any way to make dieting as painless as possible. With the right attitude – it doesn't have to be difficult – but it does require commitment and discipline. There are thousands of weight loss products on the market all claiming to be amazing – yet the fine print will almost always state that the results presented – are not typical. Some of these weight loss products could even do some damage. Fortunately, the weight loss trend seems to be shifting a bit to include a more natural and healthy approach to losing weight.

Vitamin supplements are being included in various diet programs. Supplements may not hasten the weight loss process – but, their benefits are innumerable when basic nutrition may be reduced. But, if you eat a healthy, well-balanced diet when trying to lose weight – supplements may not be necessary. Multi-vitamin supplements should be considered when:

  1. You know you are not eating foods from all the food groups. Each of these food groups supply different and necessary nutrients that your body needs.
  2. If you know that your caloric intake to lower than what is recommended. When you reduce you calories substantially – you are bound to be reducing the required nutrients that your body needs to function properly.
  3. If you are under a large amount of stress. Stress can rob your body of the nutrients that it needs. Taking a vitamin supplement can help keep your body healthy while dealing with stress.

Supplements are good for general nutrition when nutrients may be lacking, but in a recent study (as reported on WebMD) – it was shown that calcium and vitamin D may actually slow weight gain in post menopausal women. It was proved that after menopause, women tend to gain weight until their mid-60's. Calcium and vitamin D supplements can be more important for women than just reducing weight gain. The greatest benefit to post menopausal women can be seen in reduced bone loss.

Hopefully, the ultimate goal in losing weight is for the benefits to ones overall health. Some weight loss plans can do just the opposite and caution should be taken when stating a diet where calories are too low and health could be at risk. Vitamin supplements may aid weight loss in keeping the body healthy and replacing vitamins and minerals that could be lost when reducing caloric intake.

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4 Things You Need Before You Lose Weight

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lose weight

The verdict is in: Americans have a weight problem. With over 60 percent of the population being overweight, it is no longer an individual issue as much as is it a societal issue. And one problem is that many people are uninformed about the basic mechanics of weight loss and healthy living. This article discusses four things everyone needs to have in order to start and maintain a weight loss program.

Buy a Nutrition Book

With so many fad diets, weight loss supplements, and exercise equipment, it can be very difficult to understand the hard facts about weight loss. Many people do not understand the mechanics of counting calories, choosing healthy food, and exercising for weight loss. Luckily, there are tons of really easy-to-read, informative books that make weight loss understandable and attainable. Unlike short-term weight loss strategies like giving up alcohol for weeks, or doing a cleanse, or only eating grapefruit; learning to incorporate lifestyle changes when it comes to food choices and exercise will foster room for permanent weight loss.

Get an Exercise DVD

There are thousands of reasons not to work out: fatigue, lack of money, bad weather, sore hip- anyone can name it! Eliminating barriers to consistently working out will enable people to get active. Buying an exercise DVD or VHS that can be done in the comfort of ones home will be a great incentive to actually start exercising. There are thousands of exercise DVDs to choose from, varying in difficulty, tailor-made for all kinds of body types and situations that are fun to do. Browsing the internet or DVD section of stores are a good place to find one.

Use A Calendar

Becoming fit and healthy is as important as the dentist appointments, filing taxes, and birthdays. Therefore, weight loss should be scheduled on a calendar. More specifically, everyone wanting to lose weight should create a schedule of work out days, healthy eating days, cheat days and stick to the schedule. That way, people hold themselves accountable to their goals because it is already decided and written in ink.

It takes approximately 4-6 weeks to see results after beginning a weight loss program. After about two or three weeks of exercise, many people give up because they do not see the desired results. Having a calendar that schedules exercise and healthy eating will help keep people on track, remind them to be patient, and help them complete their weight loss goals.

Get a Scale

Many people do not own a scale. Different weight loss programs have different advice: weigh oneself weekly, monthly, or skip the scale altogether and use other markers such as how ones clothes fit. However, according to the article, "To Weigh, Or Not To Weigh...That Is The Question," "A group of doctors who studied obese and overweight adults who were trying to lose weight as well as overweight adults who were trying to prevent weight gain found that those who weighed themselves more often lost more weight and prevented more weight gain over two years than those who weighed themselves less frequently."

Weighing daily, preferable first thing in the morning, allows people to recognize small weight gain as well as weight loss. After a weekend of partying, eating out and not exercising, it is common to gain a couple of pounds. When people weigh themselves regularly, they will notice the weight gain and work on eating healthy and increasing the exercise in order to lose those extra pounds. On the other hand, people that do not weigh themselves regularly may not notice the extra couple of pounds until it turns into 10 or 20 pounds, which is harder to lose.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight is important not only for looks but for overall health. By reading a book about the basics of nutrition and weight loss, buying an exercise DVD to work out with at home, scheduling work outs on a calendar, and weighing oneself regularly anyone can be successful at losing weight.

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