Review: The Sugar Solution

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the sugar solution
The Sugar Solution: Real Solutions for Real Symptoms from the editors of Prevention magazine and dietitian Ann Fittante, MS, RD is a tool for reducing your blood sugar levels and regaining control, allowing you to lose weight without a struggle.

If you are used to reaching for sweets and hitting the vending machine to help get you through your afternoon slumps, this book may serve as a real eye-opener for you about controlling your blood sugar and preventing diseases, such as diabetes.

According to the Sugar Solution, controlling your blood sugar will stop the cravings and put an end to the cycle of high levels of insulin that slow the reduction of body fat and low levels that trigger food cravings. Trying to diet while battling varying levels of blood sugar is a losing battle. The first step to getting your blood sugar under control is to follow the 28-day lifestyle makeover, as laid out in this book. By eating the rights foods and getting more exercise you will build muscle to help store insulin properly, get more sleep and better manage stress and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The Sugar Solution contains several tests you can use to find out what type of eater you are and your risk level for such diseases. It also offers 60 recipes to help you through the program, including desserts. You will not feel deprived on this plan, but it will help you gain control over your sugar intake. They even suggest that you treat yourself once a day to help you stay on track.

Looking at the big picture, the book also suggests that you examine your lifestyle to see what type of exercise personality you have. Once you’ve done that you can plan your day around that and use things like yoga, relaxation, walking, hobbies, strength training and having fun to control diabetes and set yourself up for a success on the 28-day program and an overall healthy lifestyle.

The Sugar Solution is full of solid advice from experts who share their knowledge on how to reduce your blood sugar and regain control over your life.

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