Increasing Metabolism and Losing Weight Quickly

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Increasing metabolism is essential for anyone that plans on losing weight quickly. The faster the metabolism is working, the more calories that will be burned during the day, which will determine someone's weight loss.

Cut Down on the Alcohol for Weight Loss

The first step to increasing metabolism is to cut down on alcohol consumption (to get the metabolism functioning at it's optimum level and get the body to start losing weight quickly it is better to cut out alcohol all together if possible). When a person drinks alcohol their body views the alcohol as a poison, so it works to remove the alcohol from their system before anything else. So if someone has food in their stomach while there is still alcohol in their system, their body is only working to get the alcohol out and not the food. Only when the alcohol is gone does the metabolism begin to process the food. This can quickly result in a slow metabolism. Eating lots of food while drinking is a quick way to gain weight. An increasing metabolism is an extremely difficult goal for people who drink alcohol and then eat. Keep the alcohol consumption as low as possible and do not eat after drinking alcohol.

Avoid Fried Foods to Boost Metabolism

Foods that are deep fried in fat can result in a slow metabolism and can make you gain weight as a result. Instead of eating fried foods, eat foods that are grilled or boiled instead. Boiled and grilled foods are not going to add unnecessary calories and fat to a meal. To increase metabolism, always boil or grill any type of meats or fish that are going to be consumed. Eating meats and fish that are grilled or boiled is an easy way to start losing weight quickly. Chicken is a meat that is typically deep fried in restaurants, so avoid any chicken that was prepared using deep frying.

Yo-Yo Dieting Slows Metabolism

Studies show that yo-yo dieting can slow down the metabolism, sometimes even permanently. Instead of starting and stopping diets, focus on maintaining a healthy diet throughout the year so as to not end up with a slow metabolism. Losing weight quickly will come from a healthy balanced diet, not crash diets that will only help weight loss for a short time before an inevitable eating binge occurs.

Do Not Eat Before Bed

As the night goes on, the metabolism begins to slow down as the body prepares itself for sleep. When someone starts eating late at night right before bed, the metabolism is not working at a very high level and this will make it very easy to gain weight. As a general rule, do not eat any food after 8pm. This is an important step to losing weight quickly because almost everyone gets late night cravings but it takes will power to fight this urge and avoid eating unnecessary calories.

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