The Blame for America’s Obesity

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Dateline recently aired a show called Food Fight where they explored who is to blame for the obesity problem in America.

It's an interesting question. Do we blame ourselves (and parents) for our own poor choices? Do we blame the fast food industry? Do we blame the food companies for their endless marketing campaigns? Or should we blame it on the hurried way of life we live these days where families don't have time to sit down to healthy dinners all week?

The answers Dateline found were mixed. Everyone seems to have a different opinion of why we are faced with an obesity problem.

McDonalds was featured as an ever-changing fast food chain. In reality, they really have worked to change their menu. They have revised menu items (changed the oil used for fires and made the nuggets all white meat.) They've also added new menu items like salads, bottled waters, apples and yogurt.

The problem may lie more with individual choices. Most of us don't like to tell ourselves "no." Even the best intentions of ordering a salad can turn into ordering a big mac once you walk through those golden arches.

Having a burger and fires on occasion isn't a problem. It is the super-sizing and eating the same foods throughout the week that is a problem. Fast food shouldn't be a way of life; but an occasional treat. As with any eating plan, we need to exercise balance and moderation.

So, who's forcing you to eat fast food and other prepackaged foods? Maybe it's just how your lifestyle is set up and if you set it up differently, these choices won't seem as appealing anymore. Eating the right foods and being prepared ahead of time for each meal will help you make better choices and be able to pass a McDonalds or a box of cookies without thinking twice about stopping.

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