Lose Weight Forever – Changing Your Life

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Losing weight seems to be easier for some people than it is for others. Keeping lost weight off seems to be difficult for everyone. According to Medline Plus – a service of the National Institutes of Health – that 66% of adults are overweight or obese. And a recent study from UCLA reports that a person could lose 5 to 10% of their weight initially, but then the weight comes back plus more.

losing weight
These statistics are very discouraging – but, diet success is possible with the right attitude. Motivation to lose weight is not usually a problem at the beginning of any weight loss plan. Staying motivated to lose weight is often a big problem. But, to really lose weight successfully – it's not motivation that is necessary – it's a change of attitude. To lose weight forever – you must change your lifestyle – and not just your food.

Here are a few facts we know about losing weight:
  1. Overeating and not exercising will make you overweight.
  2. Calories you eat must equal the energy you burn to maintain your weight.
  3. Losing weight requires that you burn more calories than you eat.
Before you even start dieting or beginning a healthful lifestyle, to be successful – you need to prepare. First, don't set weight loss goals. Make the commitment to eat and live a healthful lifestyle. Doing this will result in weight loss – but chasing a number often leads to disappointment and potential bad eating habits returning. Second, start slowly making changes to your lifestyle. Here are a few changes to your lifestyle that aren't too difficult – but will make a difference:

Count your calories before you start and reduce them by 200 calories. You're not likely to even notice the difference. Then continue reducing calories. A few ways to cut back on calories:
  1. Choosing low-fat, low-calorie foods
  2. Eating smaller portions
  3. Drinking water instead of sugary drinks
Replace unhealthy foods with healthy foods. There are a countless recipe books that can help you find health alternative to your favorite foods. Even if you don't like to cook – you can find good food replacements in your local grocery store.

Make exercise – even just a little to start – a priority. Starting to exercise can be a problem for people who have tried to avoid exercise most of their lives. But, even people who do exercise have days that they don't want to, but the difference between people who do exercise and people who don't – they just do it.

These are a few steps that can be taken to begin a healthy lifestyle. Changing your attitude about dieting is the first step to losing weight successfully. Make the decision to stop dieting and start living and eating well – you will attain weight loss success.


Omega 3 Fish Oil for Weight Loss

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omega 3 fish oil
Fatty acids that help you lose weight; now that is a new concept. Usually when someone is trying to lose weight the first thing they do is cut out fats. It only makes sense that eating fatty acids would increase your weight not decrease it. It seems that some fatty acids are different than the others, and affect your body differently.

Monounsaturated Fats

There are three kinds of fats people consume: Unsaturated or good fats, saturated and trans fats/ bad fats. The good fats come in two types polyunsaturated fats, which include omega 3 and omega 6, and monounsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats are found in vegetable oils like peanut oil and olive oil and also hazelnuts, pine nuts, peanuts, pistachios, and macadamia nuts. Chicken fat is even a monounsaturated fat. These fats can help lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, reduce triglycerides, and help control diabetes.

Polyunsaturated Fats

Polyunsaturated fats, your omega 3’s and omega 6’s, can help in the reduction of inflammation and tumor growth, improve immune functions, and help reduce triglycerides. Foods that are high in omega 3 are: flaxseed, hemp seeds, fish such as trout, mackerel, salmon, herring and sardines. Walnuts also have omega 3. You can find omega 6 in foods like sunflower oil, sesame oil, and safflower oil. Most nuts and beans supply omega 6, as do grains. The average diet is already rich in omega 6.

Omega 3 for Weight loss

Omega 3 helps improve your kidney function. In doing that it reduces water retention and flushes your system of toxins. This allows easier weight loss. Omega 3 stabilizes the blood sugar levels in your system. This reduces the amount of insulin in your blood. With less insulin your body can convert fat into energy. This in turn makes your body burn more fat. Omega 3 gives you more energy by the effects it has on the thyroid. It improves serotonin levels which can improve your mood and also give you the extra energy you need.

Studies on Omega 3

There have been several studies done on the use of omega 3 for weight loss. Most studies have been on mice and the results were positive toward weight loss. In Australia a study was done on humans. The participants were from all age groups (25-65). The people who received omega 3 supplements lost more weight than their counterparts. Both groups exercised the same yet the ones who received the omega 3 supplement actually lost more weight.

Risks of Omega 3

Omega 3 supplements are known to prolong bleeding time. People taking blood thinners or those who have blood disorders should use extreme caution when taking this supplement. It is possible for omega 3 or fish oil supplements to interact with some medication. If you are on any medication, you should first check with your doctor about adding omega 3 to the mix.


Aging and Weight Control

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weight control
After age 30 or so, as the years creep up, often the pounds do as well, sometimes by as much as 10 or 15 pounds a year. The distribution of weight is different for men and women; men tend to put on more around the middle, while women gain first in the hips and thighs. As menopausal hormone and metabolism levels change, women are thrilled to find that they gain a bit of a spare tire just above the belt as well.

It's not clear how many of these changes can be directly attributed to a lessening of activity and how much is genetic. What is clear is that it is not irreversible – nor is it inevitable.

The Carb Connection

Dr. Zane Andrews, Ph.D of Monash University in Melbourne, Australia is principal investigator in the metabolic neurosciences group in the Department of Physiology there. His research findings suggest that as we age, the appetite-suppressing cells are attacked by free radicals (which are found in everyone's bodies), most especially after eating meals consisting of mainly carbohydrates and sugars.

This is not to suggest that carbs are bad. Just that as a result of eating lots of meals filled with nothing much but carbs (much of it simple carbs – sugars and highly processed foods), free radicals can have their way with the aging body. The dietary solution is, of course, to eat more fruits and vegetables, which contain antioxidants to counter those effects and bring balance back into the picture.

A diet high in sugary and processed foods appears to be one culprit. That's easy to change. Whole wheat and whole grain versions of pastas and rices are more readily available in the grocery store now. Don't give up foods – replace them with new favorites! Search out delicious ethnic dishes filled with vegetables, beans and grains.

All is Not Lost - You Can Lose This Weight

Though it's been proven that losing weight is tougher to do as one gets older, it's a long way from impossible. In fact, aside from the small percentage of the problem that is genetic, it's relatively easy to do when one just makes up one's mind to do it.

The muscle to fat ratio changes as aging occurs, but a simple regimen of resistance training for 20 minutes three times a week can produce noticeable results in less than a month.

Remember when mothers everywhere would all chant the same mantra – "Go on outside and play!" The message is the same today. Go outside and play! Hike, ride a bike, go swimming or play tennis.

The Exercise Pay-off

Certain activities give bigger and faster results than others, but every exercise gives some result. The one muscle that must be exercised more than any other is the consistency muscle. Working out like a mad-person for a couple of weeks before reverting to old ways is not the answer. Putting exercise on the "must-do" list is key.

Don't know where to start? Incorporate little things into everyday life – park at the back of the lot and walk to the store, walk to work if it takes half an hour or less, take a couple of flights of stairs briskly. Enlist the help of a friend to partner up, and just get moving. Make lifestyle choices that support movement, and make it non-negotiable.

When regularity is enforced the effects will be good and almost immediate:
  1. The metabolism awakens and runs more efficiently.
  2. The immune system strengthens and wellness follows.
  3. The mood lifts. Happiness can't be far away.
  4. And the weight comes off - who can argue with results like that?
This is an obstacle that can certainly be overcome. Remember, it uses more calories to stand than to sit. More calories to walk than to stand. More to run than to walk. And as they say in the commercials – you're worth it!

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Three Diet Mistakes That Prevent Weight Loss

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diet mistakes
How many times will the diet and weight loss gurus keep claiming that they now have the latest and greatest system for losing weight? There are even television commercials that advertise pills that will help a person lose weight. These marketing people actually claim that losing weight is as simple as taking a pill. Really.

One has to wonder how some of these marketing folks actually sleep at night making all those ridiculous claims. Well, don't watch another diet program ad or listen to another weight loss claim that may or may not be true. It's time to take a sensible approach to this dieting and weight loss thing. Here are some common mistakes folks make when trying to lose weight.

Weight Loss Does Not Start at a Drive-thru Window – Period

Restaurants have made getting food so easy that folks don't even have to leave the comfort of a vehicle. Think of that for a minute – folks can now get any fattening, greasy, salt-laden foods they wish without having to stand up and walk into a restaurant. Sure, healthy foods can also be ordered at a drive-thru, but it's hard to resist all that other food.

It's not the fault of the drive-thru or the restaurant or even that cute, friendly person taking the order. The problem here is that fast food is generally unhealthy and making it easier to get unhealthy food is a bad thing. According to WebMD.com, a recent long-term study showed that folks who ate fast food more than twice a week gained 10 more pounds than those who had it less than once a week.

Weight Loss Success Begins with Realistic Goals

Anyone can find a web site or TV ad that makes big promises for losing weight. They all make it sound so easy and reasonable. the facts show that most of those promises of losing huge amounts of weight are simply false. There are many people out there whose lives are built on these broken promises and false claims of weight loss.

Setting a goal of losing 20 pounds in the first week is simply a recipe for failure and frustration. Some people actually set an unattainable goal as a reason for never starting a weight loss plan. Talk to a dietitian or nutritionist, get educated on what's going to work and what's not. Make a long-term plan and get started on it today. Set goals that are realistic and attainable like one to two pounds per week. Over the course of a year, two pounds lost each week is over 100 pounds.

Weight Loss Means Exercising

There's just no way around this one. Exercise is going to rev up the metabolism, which in turn is going to burn more calories faster. Guess what happens next. The pounds start coming off and successful weight loss is achieved. Make a decision today to get out there and become more active, whatever it takes.

Putting all the hopes of losing weight on diet alone is going to be tough. Most folks would rather exercise and still eat the things they like, only in smaller amounts. Exercise has other benefits as well. Endorphins are released in the brain during exercise and promote an overall good feeling. The key to exercise is finding something that is enjoyable.

Stop listening to all those ads and people saying how much weight they lost on some new weight loss plan. It's time to be accountable and take the necessary action to start losing weight. The process is simple – eat less and exercise more. Make a decision to lose weight today and do what is needed to get started.


Formula to Fight Fat

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A new ingredient may be added to infant formula and food to curb hunger, promote thinness and fend off obesity later in life reports Lisa Melton in Chemistry & Industry, the magazine of the SCI.

At the Clore Laboratory at the University of Buckingham, testing will determine if adding leptin, the hunger hormone, to formula and food for infants will successfully work to help cure childhood obesity. It is suspected that babies who are supplied with the leptin will not become obese..

Adding leptin to their food has worked in animals studies. Supplementing the diet of infant rats with leptin ensures that they will not be overweight as adult rats. Animals stayed at a healthy weight despite eating a diet high in fat. Leptin is produced in the body throughout life. The key is to introduce the leptin to infants because when introduced to adults, they become immune to the hormone over time.

Introducing leptin at a time when the brain is making important connections allows the hormone to work successfully at controlling weight. Women may also reduce their child’s likelihood of obesity by taking a leptin supplement while pregnant. This worked well in tests with pregnant rats.

Giving infants a healthy dose of leptin raised the metabolism so that calories will be burned off more quickly and the chance of becoming obese is lessened. Side effects need to be thoroughly tested before we can begin using leptin in formula to prevent obesity.


Exercise & Weight Loss Program

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boot camp exercises
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Goal Of Weight Loss Programs – Losing Weight

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losing weight

Now, the goals of the providers of these programs are not always the same. Some are providing legitimate services and products while others are simply trying to capitalize on your desire to be thin.

This site is dedicated to helping you educate yourself on the fundamentals of nutrition and exercise so you know how to separate the winners from the losers.

However, losing weight, and keeping it off, is not accomplished through quick fix or ‘fad’ diets and usually create what we like to call ‘yo-yo’ dieters.

If your body is not well how can the mind be? It can’t.

Don’t be a victim of the ‘hype’ and subject yourself to this emotional roller coaster ride. Do it right – the first time – by following the guidelines on this site.

It goes without saying that the most efficient method of losing weight is one where we are able to conserve all, or almost all, of our lean muscle tissue while achieving a steady reduction in body fat, and body fat percentage over all. This is best accomplished through a balanced combination of guided and sensible nutrition and exercise.

This type of approach will cause a dramatic ’shape’ shift in your body rather then just creating a smaller version of your previous body. It’s muscle tissue that leads to that long lean look you desire. However, don’t be confused and think that you can ’spot’ reduce and lose weight only from one particular area of your body.

You can’t. But, don’t worry you can change the ’shape’ of your body if you abide by the guidelines we’ve set forth. Calorie restriction is one of the only validated ways of achieving weight loss.


Roll Up Exercise

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What You Need to Know about the Roll-Up Exercise

In particular, the Roll-Up gives the joints and muscles of your spine and back a valuable “massage” that stimulates your circulation and the portion of your nervous system housed in the spinal column. This massaging action helps the Roll-Up promote the essential mind/body connection that’s such an important benefit of the Pilates method of conditioning.
roll up exercise

Joseph Pilates devised the Roll-Up to promote deep, healthy Pilates breathing, making it an important tool for oxygenating your blood and improving your circulation, as well as to strengthen the Powerhouse muscles, and to build a strong, flexible, and well-aligned spine.

The Roll-Up is similar to an old-fashioned style of sit-up, but it emphasizes stretching and articulating your spine, rather than heaving your torso off the floor. In a basic Roll-Up, you lie flat on a workout mat with your legs straight and your arms and hands extended above your eyes. In most versions of the Roll-Up, you hold a bar or rod in your hands, and with straight arms you slowly roll your spine up and forward, one vertebra at a time, stretching your head and arms toward your toes while you maintain your scooped belly. As you reverse, you once again scoop your abdominals in and up the front of your spine and articulate vertebra by vertebra until you return to the original position. With each repetition of the Roll-Up, your spine is more flexible and your abdominals are stronger than before.

What the Roll-Up Does

As mentioned earlier, the Roll-Up offers a number of important physical and mental benefits:
  • It is a key part of any Pilates warm-up, and it’s especially effective for promoting deep, healthy breathing and getting your spine and legs ready for the Pilates work ahead.
  • It is also an important Pilates tool for articulating the spine and increasing its strength and flexibility.
  • It gives the muscles and joints of your spine a massage, promoting increased circulation, and awakening your nervous system.
  • It stretches tight hamstrings and muscles in the calves, neck, and armpits, while it promotes strong, flexible hip joints.
  • It increases shoulder range of motion, strength, and flexibility
As with all Pilates exercises, in the Roll-Up you work to lengthen all your muscles, even as you contract them. For instance, you don’t allow your abdominals to shorten, bunch, or crunch as you curl forward. Instead, you keep your abdominals long and scooped in and up along the front of your spine, even as you challenge them to lift the weight of your upper body This action demonstrates the unique Pilates guiding principle of oppositional energy, and it’s an essential technique for developing powerful, supple muscle tissue and building a strong and flexible body.

Tips and Precautions for Doing the Roll-Up

The Roll-Up is a safe, effective exercise, but you do need to keep a few things in mind as you’re learning the proper Roll-Up technique:
  • Be sure to use your belly muscles (scooping them in and up along the front of your spine) to lift your head, spine, and arms up and over toward your feet; do not overuse your back.
  • Keep your arms and wrists straight but not locked as you reach forward with them. This will help alleviate any strain on your shoulders and neck.
  • Make your movements sequential and smooth, yet strong. Don’t heave your torso up. You may find that one area of your spine is less flexible than the rest. To keep your Roll-Up smooth and flowing, try timing your exhalation at different points in the Roll-Up to give your abdominal muscles more uniform strength as you lift the less-flexible portion of your spine from the floor. If you exhale at the most difficult moment of your curl, you can gain more articulation there.
  • Tight muscles need to be coaxed and massaged, not strained and pulled. Use the exercise to stretch your back and hamstrings gently over time. You aren’t competing with anyone to see how far you can stretch toward your toes.
  • Remember to reach forward with your head and spine as well as your hands. Don’t strain your neck or shoulders.

The Ultimate Version of the Roll-Up

When you’ve mastered the basic intermediate version of the Roll-Up, you’re ready to try some advanced modifications. Here are some ideas for taking the Roll-Up to new levels:
  1. Gradually lower the starting position of the bar and arms until you can lay them flat on the mat above your head. Keep your shoulders wide and flat, and don’t allow your ribcage to arch off the mat.
  2. Next, begin the Roll-Up by raising your arms until they are perpendicular to the floor, curl your head and shoulders off the mat until your head is between your arms, and then continue to roll up and down. Keep your head between your arms the entire time until your arms are again perpendicular to the floor. To finish, lower your shoulders and head, then reach your arms back to the mat above your head.
  3. Finally, curl your head, shoulders, and arms simultaneously Keep your arms next to your head throughout the entire exercise, but (especially at the beginning and end) remember that your shoulders must remain relaxed down away from your ears and you still have to articulate one vertebra at a time! Keep your legs firmly anchored together and reaching down along the mat.