Affordable Weight Loss Tips

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weight loss tips

Dieting can be an expensive endeavor. Take a look at the multi-billion dollar diet industry and you’ll see just how much money people spend on their goal to lose weight. Dieting is costly; whether you join Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, purchase the promising piece of exercise equipment you saw on an infomercial or invest in a pricey gym membership. Even making the switch to healthier foods increases your grocery bill. It can be discouraging for dieters on a budget.

In these tough economic times, it is necessary to find an affordable weight loss plan. While the health of our nation has been a concern and we face an obesity epidemic, most people are also tightening their belts on their spending as they also face a recession.

Affordable Weight Loss Tips

  • Stop relying on drive-thrus and restaurants for lunch. Pack a healthy lunch to save calories and cash.
  • Practice portion control. The less you eat, the less you’ll spend.
  • Use home gym equipment or outdoor activities for daily exercise. Forgo the expensive gym membership to stay within your budget.
  • Save money on gas and miles by walking or riding your bike to places within a reasonable distance from home.
  • Drink tap water rather than buying bottled water every week. A water filter may be needed, but is still less expensive in the long run.
  • Plan your weekly menus in advance and factor in what leftovers you can use for additional meals.
  • Avoid buying fruits that aren’t in season. The prices are much higher during off-peak times.
  • Check the produce isle of the grocery store for “reduced” items that are near their expiration, but are still usable.
  • Cut back on pre-processed foods.
  • Stock up on healthy pantry items when they go on sale. Stock up on canned tomatoes, vegetables and low-sodium broth.

There are many diets on the market that require you to buy certain foods or products. The fact is, however, you can shed pounds on a budget simply by eating fewer calories and burning more calories. You don’t need expensive shakes and pre-packaged meals or the latest piece of exercise equipment to lose weight.

Affordable weight loss is possible with the right planning and a little common sense. Follow a weight loss plan that allows you to budget your pocketbook as well as your calories. Your weight loss success depends on your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Avoid falling for costly weight loss products to keep your weight loss affordable and practical.

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