Ball Exercises That Shift Abdominal Fat

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ball exercises

Almost everyone would like to lose some fat around their middle and gain more defined abdominal muscles. The secret to success is simple enough: eat healthily and get more exercise.

However, there are some exercise routines that will help remove that stubborn belly fat faster than others. One option is the large gym ball, which is a fun and effective piece of equipment in the fight against the flab. Here are just some of the ball exercises that will help shift abdominal fat.

Lose Belly Fat with the Ball Lift

The ball lift is a simple exercise, which is a great workout for the abdominal muscles. To perform this exercise, simply lay face-up with the ball between the ankles. Next, squeeze the ball between the ankles and lift until the feet are pointing towards the ceiling. Slowly, bring the feet and ball back down to the ground.

When first trying this exercise, it is recommended that 10-12 reps are performed twice a week. Obviously, over time, as the abdominal muscles get stronger the reps and frequency of the exercise can be increased.

Get Defined Abs with Exercise Ball Crunches

Crunches are a well-worn abdominal exercise and the exercise ball crunches are widely thought to be the best workout for the abs. Moreover, it is an incredibly simple routine, which can be done while watching television. Simply, sit on the ball (crossing the arms over the chest or behind the head) and perform approximately 20-25 crunches. First, try completing these reps at least three times per week.

Like any abdominal exercise, it is best to increase the frequency of the workout over weeks and months. However, it is important to not overdo the workout in the early stages, especially for those who are unused to frequent and regular exercise.

Fight Stomach Fat with the Ball Curl

The ball curl is similar to the ball lift, in that it is performed in a lying position. Position the feet on top of the ball and then lift the hips as high as possible. Next, try to pull the ball under the buttocks using the heels. This is a tricky manoeuvre that requires patience and good balance.

However, once mastered, it will effectively work both the hamstrings and the abs, so it is worth persisting with. Try to perform at least 10-12 reps per session, but if it is particularly difficult, aim for fewer.

Of course, these are just three of the ball exercises that will help reduce stomach fat. However, they are among the best workouts for the abdominal muscles. By including these exercises in a weekly workout regime and combining them with a good diet, dramatic fat loss and definition can be achieved.

Remember, if any of the above exercises become painful, it is advisable to discontinue it immediately.

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