Candidiasis Can Prevent Weight Loss

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There are several reasons as to why a person cannot lose weight using the traditional methods of calorie reduction and increased activity. One of the main causes is Candidiasis, an overgrowth of yeast in the digestive tract.

Yeast is a normal part of our digestive tract which produces B vitamins that support the liver. However, since 90% of immunity is in the gut, it is important to keep the delicate balance of good and bad bacteria in check.

Carolyn J. Dean a Wellness Consultant and Sports Nutritionist writes in her article, "Why Can’t I Lose Weight? -The Hidden Factor" :

"If you have symptoms of Candida, it is very difficult to lose weight and many will actually gain weight on diets. Why is this? Candida takes hold and gets out of control when our immune system becomes compromised. What compromises our immune system? So many things! Antibiotics (even a single dose), birth control pills, cortisone and prednisone types of medications and a stressful lifestyle."

When a candida sufferer diets, the body will go into survivor mode and won’t budge an ounce. Unfortunately, medical science does not recognize this as a condition unless the yeast infection becomes systemic. But there is hope for the candida sufferer.

Rethinking the Rules of Dieting

For the Candida sufferer, it is not as simple as cutting out a few extra calories. Because the yeast thrives on complex sugar, even a calorie restrictive diet will not take off the pounds. It will usually take herbal supplements to kill off the candida while following a yeast free diet.

Following the yeast free method is very strict, consisting mostly of protein and green vegetables. Many recipes can be found on the internet that can flavor the monotony of the diet, which may be very difficult to follow.

There are many natural herbs that will kill yeast. Some herbal supplements will prevent the yeast from growing and some destroy it completely. Most can be found in any health food store and even the local grocery. Such as Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, garlic and Olive Leaf.

Because the fungus is able to grow resistant, it is important to rotate supplements every few days. If rotation of herbs is not followed, the yeast will begin to propagate and it will stall the weight loss.

Probiotics Fight Yeast
Since beneficial bacteria and yeast vie for the same place in our digestive tract, it is important to take a probiotic every day. Good bacteria help fight off and push out yeast, creating a better balance to our inner ecology, aiding in the battle of the bulge. Probiotics such as Align, may be found in just about any grocery or health food store.

Yeast and sugar can be hidden ingredients in any food. It is important to read labels on packages and use yeast free vitamins. The smallest amount of sugar will derail the diet, causing a stall. But following these steps could lead to a happy, healthier lifestyle.

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