Helpful Hints For Weight Loss

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weight loss hints

There is no magic wand that can be waved to produce a slender and trim body. Diet books and diet pills are a multi- million dollar industry in America. The most important tip to learn when thinking of losing weight is that dieting is dead. There is no way an individual can sustain a healthy body on any type of diet. The old adage “you are what you eat” has a lot of truth in it.

It is important to find a healthy way to eat that provides the limited number of calories needed to lose weight. The first step is to decide what weight should be obtained. Using a Weight for Women Chart, women should try to get their weight at the bottom range of the height. For example if a woman is 5’7 and the chart gives 121-160 as healthy weight then 121 should be the goal weight. Of course body style, and bone structure should be considered.

Most women who have lost a lot of weight will share the importance of drinking lots of water, and it is a great tip but it is only half the story. To get the maximum benefit the water should be iced.

Drinking ice water forces the system to rev up the metabolism to keep the body’s temperature from dropping. Twelve ounces of ice water every day will burn an additional 200 calories. If water starts to become bland add lemon or lime to help make it refreshing.

The Most Important Meal of the Day

Scientist now back up what mothers have been preaching for years, the importance of breakfast as the most important meal of the day. It provides fuel to help the day go better and provides energy. It also helps in weight loss. Studies have shown that women who eat breakfast are slimmer than those who skip this important meal. Starting the day with cereal, skim milk, and fruit provides energy, vitamins, and minerals for fewer than 200 calories.

If music is a requirement at the dinner table, studies have shown that rock, rap, or any type of beat filled music will make the diner eat more. Classical music slows down the eating experience and leaves the diners more satisfied. TV is a big no-no. Eating requires focus and concentration so that the brain can assimilate that the body should be full. By chewing slowly and with concentration it is easier to become full and stated.

Cravings and How to Fight Them

Cravings are the downfall of many dieters. If a need for sugar arises a dieter will do best to look for fruits. Grapes, strawberries, and even bananas will ease up a craving for sweets, when the craving last despite an intake of fruit, jelly beans are a good alternative to candy bars. Usually only six calories each and with zero fat, they help ease the pain of candy withdrawal. Lollipops are also beneficial in easing a sweet tooth craving.

Another way to work through cravings is by brushing the teeth. This is two-fold because brushing the teeth results in a clean mouth and a distinct fresh taste and it also can remove the awful taste that often accompanies a restricted calorie intake.

Be aware of hunger and how it feels. There are distinct physical signs associated with the body’s need for fuel. A lightheaded feeling or irritability, a need for any carbohydrate, increased salivation and stomach noises are all signs of true hunger. Sometimes people eat out of habit and/or boredom so it is imperative that a person who is trying to diet be aware of how their body reacts to hunger so the signs will be easily recognized.

Do not eat late at night. Dieters as well as people who want a healthy lifestyle should not eat at least two hours before bedtime. It is difficult for the body to digest late night snacks when the metabolism has slowed. While there may be occasions where this is not possible it should be done if possible.

Scientists have also discovered that chili, peppers, salsa, mustard, and ginger can actually raise the metabolic rate. By eating some or all of these spices, calories can burn up to 45 percent faster. This is because the foods create a thermogenic burn, which means they help the body to produce “heat” thus burning off calories.

Inspired Weight Loss

Inspirational notes, mirrors on the refrigerator and hanging up a picture of a body that is admired are all ways to “psych” start a weight loss program. Because individuals need food to survive it is important to find a healthy way to restrict calories so that the program can be adhered to. After reaching the desired weight loss, the individual can then add more calories. Portion control is very important when trying to lose weight. It is helpful to prepare meals ahead of time so that they are ready when time to eat rolls around.

All women are truly beautiful and the sad fact is that many women do not realize the potential they have. To fully appreciate the glory and uniqueness each individual has is the first step to being successful in any type of weight loss program. Changing a few daily habits and increasing the amount of activity each person expends will make weight loss a simple experience.