Your Shape Effects Your Health

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Did you know that you could predict your own health future just by looking in the mirror? Well, you can. All you have to do it determine how your body is storing fat.

There are two standard body types. The apple body shape is larger around the midsection with thinner limbs. The pear body shape has a defined waist and heavier bottom, things and legs. Other shapes are just variations of one of these two body types.

Still not sure which shape you resemble the most?

There is a simple equation that can give you an immediate answer. Measure your waist; then measure your hips. Divide the number of the inches in your waist by the number of inches in your hips. If the number is less than .80 you are a pear and if it is greater than you are an apple.

So, What does this mean?

For an apple, it means greater risk for heart disease; type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, stress and irregular menstrual cycles. For pear-shaped women it means a greater risk of osteoporosis, varicose veins, low self-esteem, and issues with body image, eating disorders and menopausal symptoms.

Which Body Shape is Healthier?

In terms of disease, apples are at greater risk. It isn't healthy to carry fat around the middle. Generally, the closer the fat is stored near the heart, the more dangerous it is for long-term health. Pears aren't completely out of the woods though. They can become apples later in life if they don't control their weight.

How to Improve Your Health

Weather you are an apple or a pear shape, the best way to stay healthy is to maintain a healthy weight for your body. There may be areas you can't change. If you are a pear, for example, your thighs might always be larger in comparison to your waistline. But it is important to do the best you can with the body shape you have. Obviously, not everyone was made to have the perfect hourglass figure.

There are different strategies on how each shape can lose weight and work towards a healthy weight though. An apple-shaped woman should eat foods that will protect her from heart disease. Eating high quality carbs with a moderate amount of fat and protein will help with weight loss and long-term health. The pear-shaped woman should eat foods that strengthen her bones to prevent osteoporosis and follow a low-fat diet.

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