Three Plyo Moves to Increase Calories Burned

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Plyometrics, often called "jump training," is a great way to increase calories burned during any workout routine. Add these three moves to your regular workout routine and you'll not only see improvement in the tone and look of your leg muscles, but you'll also burn serious calories during and after your workout.

It's important to note that these exercises are difficult to do in good form even for advanced exercisers, so use caution when attempting them and don't attempt them if you suffer from knee problems.
  1. jump squats: A regular squat is when one leg is placed in front at a right angle bent from the hip, and the knee is maintained behind the toes. You then squeeze and stretch the back leg behind you down as far as possible. For a jump squat, the same form applies, but then you switch positions of the legs by jumping up and landing in the correct squat position for the opposite leg. These are tough, but just doing 10 to 20 repetitions once or twice at different intervals during your workout will help you see results in both higher calories burned and stronger legs.
  2. Sumo jump squats: Stand in the sumo squat position by bending legs outward from the hip and pointing toes out, bending as low as possible so that legs are at a right angle. Then holding your hands together in front of you and keeping your back straight, jump up lightly and land in the same position on the balls of your feet. This is another tough move, but doing 20 to 30 of these at least once during a workout will raise your heart rate and continue building your leg strength.
  3. mountain climbers: Get into plank position and bring in one leg and then the other as if you're running, except with your hands on the floor. Do these for at least one or two minutes and you'll be pouring so much sweat that returning to your regular routine will seem like a nice reprieve.

Beginner Exercises to Burn More Calories

If you're just starting a workout routine, you can add common jumping exercises like jumping jacks or jumping rope (you don't need a rope...just jump up and down in rhythm) that are not as high impact as the plyometric moves above. Better yet, add both types of jumps during different intervals to quickly raise your heart rate into calorie-burning mode.

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