Three Big Diet Mistakes That Derail Weight Loss

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big diet mistakes
Time and time again, folks seem to be looking for that magic pill when it comes to successfully losing weight. It seems that there are no limit to the number of marketing and advertising people that are willing to make that dream of losing weight come true. Or so it would seem anyway.

The truth is, like most things that are worth attaining in life, weight loss is going to actually take some hard work, willpower, and planning. So a person needs to be accountable to get all the right information and use that information in determining the best way to lose weight. Here are three things that can wreck even the best weight loss plan.

Weight Loss Mistake – Not Enough Water

Perhaps one of the easiest diet mistakes to fix is making certain that enough water is consumed, especially for those on a diet or weight loss plan. The simple fact is that if a person gets dehydrated, the metabolism can slow down. The metabolism is that calorie burning engine inside the body that is the key to weight loss.

Everyone has heard the research about drinking at least eight or more glasses of water each and every day for optimum health, and for the best weight loss results. Those same studies showed that those who drink eight or more glasses of water each day burn more calories than those who don't. Don't make this mistake. Add more water every day.

Cheese, Milk, and Ice Cream Help Weight Loss

What? Yes, it's true. There is actually some research out there that suggests that calorie-burning engine inside the body, the metabolism, actually burns more fat when it gets a sufficient amount of calcium. What's more, the metabolism may even produce more fat when it is deprived of calcium rich foods like milk, cheese, and ice cream.

Don't depend on calcium supplements to make up the difference because studies also show they don't provide the same benefits as eating the real stuff. So, don't take these calcium-rich foods out of the diet. But don't go overboard, either. Be sensible and stick to low-fat or non-fat varieties of milk, cheese, and yogurt. Ice cream is high in sugar as well, so try a no-fat or low-fat version.

Step Off the Scale as Part of a Successful Weight Loss Plan

How many times does a person need to walk into the daily judgmental courtroom of the bathroom scale? Weight loss is a long term plan and will take more than one day to accomplish. Weighing each and every day is just going to lead to frustration, and there's enough of that in life already.

Here's a better idea. Get a notebook and keep a record of weekly weight loss. Just step onto the scale once a week rather than every day. After a few weekly weigh-ins, take a look at the overall trend of weight lost, and be amazed. There is nothing like the encouraging downward sloping of a line on a weight loss chart.

Weight loss is not rocket science. It's not hard to figure out. So stop listening to all the hucksters out there touting the latest and greatest weight loss success program or diet. Weight loss is about changing the way food is perceived, getting educated about food, getting some exercise, and doing whatever it takes to maintain a healthy weight. Imagine what that's going to feel like and get started losing weight today.

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