Decide Today to Take Off Weight – Commitment

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take off weight

Sick of being overweight? Finally decided to take the plunge and lose the weight? That is actually one of the first and most critical requirements in the long road to permanent weight loss. Maybe knee joints or a chronically painful back is the motivation to finally take that excess weight off for good.

Whatever the motivation, the decision to take hold of one's current and future health by shedding pounds is a great endeavor. When first starting out, remember that it will seem like the odds of success are too great. That is completely normal to feel that way. However, if significant and permanent weight loss is to be achieved, a few things must be realized first.

The Right Time to Lose Weight

As with most journeys, a map is essential in determining which way to go, for measuring progress, and for knowing when to make necessary course corrections along the way. Sit down with a pad and pencil and decide the start date for this journey. Now, list out all of the changes that will need to be made before starting down this path.

For example, what food items will no longer be allowed in the house, when will meals be planned out each week, and what diet or exercise program will be utilized? Next, think long and hard about how these changes will be implemented and what effect they will have on everyday life. Finally, commit to the plan with no reservation, total commitment. With this commitment, half the battle is already won.

Past Failures Are Biggest Enemy of Weight Loss

Most folks have had successes and failures throughout life, that's just what life is all about. The key to success and failure is understanding how these affect attitude, outlook, and state of mind. Success is easily understood as having a positive effect on one's attitude. Failure is a different story as most folks tend to think negatively about failure.

The key to understand failure is to understand that failure is a teacher. A really cruel, hard, unreasonable teacher, but a teacher nonetheless. Without failure, success would not seem so sweet. In regards to weight loss, past failures at losing weight must be viewed as motivation to ultimate success. Think of the feelings associated with past weight loss failures and use those negative feelings as motivation to stay on the path toward success.

Get Married to a Weight Loss Plan

Just as folks do not want to marry someone they don't particularly care for, so it is with weight loss plans. Not every weight loss plan is right for every person. The last thing anyone wants, whether considering marriage or weight loss plans, is to get stuck with one they don't like. Look around and see what's available out there, date around until the right weight loss plan can be determined.

Just like relationships with people, there may be some relationships with weight loss plans that just aren't going to work out. The only way to find out which one is best for a particular individual is to try some out. There's joining a weight loss support group, special prepared food eating plans, and even surgical options. Some will be dead ends, and one or two will eventually work. Think of these dead ends as necessary stages on the road to successful weight loss.

Success Begins With a Decision

Once the decision to begin is made, and a commitment is made, where does one go from there? It's simply a matter of working out a detailed plan, deciding on a moment-by-moment basis to stick with that plan, and enjoying the benefits of healthy and permanent weight loss.

Think of how good it will feel to look in a mirror and notice the first signs of weight loss such as a less protruding tummy, a pair of jeans that fit just a bit looser, or a comment from a perceptive friend. Think of the health problems associated with being overweight that will no longer be a threat to long-term health and wellness. It's time to make the decision today and begin down that road to successful, long-term weight loss.

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