Change Your Actions to Lose More Weight

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Evaluate Your Weight Loss Strategy

Evaluating your current behavior is a good starting point to figure out why you have stopped losing weight. Since many experts agree that healthy weight loss is best achieved through a combination of diet and exercise, you should review both your eating habits and your physical activity. Make sure that you keep logs for both food and exercise to make it easier to monitor your progress. There may just be a minor adjustment to be made to get you back on track and help you lose more weight.

Review Your Eating Habits

Eating balanced meals, choosing healthy snacks and drinking water are all typical parts of weight loss, but you should also be aware of how many calories you are consuming. As your weight changes, your calorie requirements will likely change also; so don’t forget to take that factor into consideration. You may need to consume fewer calories throughout the day but be careful not to restrict your calories too much. Watch your portion sizes and be aware of the calories that you consume in your beverages because they can easily add up fast.

Fine-tune Your Workout Using the F.I.T.T. Principle

If you have been doing the same workout for a while, then you may need to switch things up a little to continue to make progress. Making small changes in the frequency, intensity, time or type (F.I.T.T. Principle) of exercise might be the key to help you break through your weight loss plateau. Making adjustments to your workout may also help to keep you interested and enthusiastic about exercise.
  • How frequently do you exercise?(Frequency) – If you usually exercise three days per week, then maybe adding an extra day per week may help get those unwanted pounds off. However, make sure to give your muscles enough time to rest and recover in between workouts.
  • How intense is your workout?(Intensity)– Making the exercises more difficult can also be beneficial in helping you to get more out of your workout. Try increasing the amount of resistance during your strength training or shorten the rest period between sets to add intensity. Circuit or interval training may be another option to help make your workouts more challenging and help you lose those remaining pounds.
  • How long is your workout?(Time) – Increasing the length of time you exercise may also help you get back on track with your weight loss efforts. Gradually adding more time to each workout might help you burn the extra calories needed for your weight loss to resume.
  • What type of exercises are you doing?(Type) – If you have been using a treadmill, then maybe switching to an elliptical machine or jump rope may benefit you. If you have been using only free weights for your resistance training, then adding body weight exercises to your workout may help improve your results. Playing sports for recreation might be another possibility to shake things up a little.

Make Your Lifestyle Healthier

Keep your focus on improving your health as well as achieving your weight loss goals.Try to make gradual improvements in your healthy lifestyle on a consistent basis and don’t let minor setbacks get you down. Some research has shown that even losing a small amount of weight can have a big impact on improving your health.

Remember, the number on the scale is not the only measure you should be concerned with. Pay attention to how you feel, how your clothes fit, your body measurements and body fat percentage to provide additional indications of fat loss and improved health.

Take pride in the success that you have achieved so far. With patience and an honest effort, you can continue on the path to accomplishing your goals. As always, please consult your physician before making any changes to your diet or beginning an exercise program.

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