Delicious Raw Superfoods to Lose Weight

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The raw food diet has become renowned for dramatic weight loss and increased health; whole, uncooked, and organic foods clearly retain more vitality and nutritional value than their processed counterparts. Recently, raw vegan “superfoods” have come into vogue – foods that purportedly have the potential to promote weight loss and overall well-being. Fortunately, these foods are both delicious and accessible.

Raw Vegan Chocolate in a Whole Foods Diet

Not all chocolate is as sugar-spiked and processed as what's available at the supermarket checkout; raw chocolate beans have been attributed to retain some fantastic benefits for mental well-being and weight loss. Raw chocolate is high in magnesium, a mineral in which 60-80% of American may be deficient; magnesium supports mood through its tryptophan content (which is converted to serotonin), as well as alertness.

Chocolate's mood-boosting properties, as well as its high nutrition content, may help curb food cravings faster, and raw chocolate has none of the sugar or caffeine of the processed kind. Raw chocolate is also extremely high in antioxidants, making it a wonderful anti-aging agent.

Raw Honey and Bee Pollen for Weight Loss

Bee pollen may be one of the best foods to eat not only for weight loss, but for overall health. Bee pollen contains every nutrient the body needs – 96 of them! – as well as a high protein content. Its benefits include relieving PMS, enhancing the immune system, detoxifying the body, alleviating allergies, and aiding strength and endurance. Bee pollen also supports weight loss through increasing fat burning.

Honey is a favorite food of raw vegan guru Angela Stokes; raw honey is rich in enzymes and phytonutrients, and has antibacterial properties. While in general it's best to reduce intake of simple carbohydrates (such as white sugar and honey) for weight loss, raw honey's nutritional bright spots may make it an excellent substitute for refined sugars.

Weight Loss with Raw Wheat Grass Juice

Grasses are not only superabundant; they're fantastically healthful and promote satiety, which is tantamount to guaranteed weight loss. Raw wheat grass is a complete protein and features around 30 enzymes as well as numerous minerals, including magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, zinc, and iron.

Wheat grass also functions as a body detoxing agent, reduces body odors, and improves skin condition. Watch a video or two on wheat grass juicing and start using any of 400 varieties to begin weight loss with raw foods.

More Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

Outside the raw vegan subculture, there are a variety of foods proven to increase metabolism and burn fat; for more, see The Best Fat-Burning Foods to Lose Weight.

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