Turbo Jam Workout

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turbo jam workout
Turbo Jam includes a lot of interval training for intense, high-energy workout. It's a tough workout plan that teaches you key moves and times them in slow and fast segments (yes- it even shows the timer on the screen - so no need to guess about how much linger you'll need to hold on.)

Turbo Jam is not your ordinary march-in-place type of workout. It will keep you moving at a quick pace and help you to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. It combines aerobics, dance moves (think shaking and shimmering), kickboxing, calisthenics and martial arts. Don't be intimidated though. The moves are unique, but they are simple and Charlene shows you each move step-by-step in slow motion and then works with you to bring the moves together with upbeat music.
Workout DVD's:
Disk 1:
  • Learn & Burn - a 25 minute lesson with a workout that targets your core.
  • 20-minute Workout - a high energy workout.
  • Turbo Sculpt - works your large muscle groups.
Disk 2:
  • Ab Jam - a set of unique core exercises.
  • Cardio Party - a workout that combines music, martial arts and more.
The Guidebook:
Beachbody gives you more than a solid workout plan. They include a turbo results guidebook with the Turbo Jam DVD. It explains the program, tells a little about Chalene, the host, and offers advice about creating your own workout schedule.

Lastly, to round out your new lifestyle, they include a food guide including simple recipes and a dining out section.

If you are motivated by fast-paced music and want to try a unique, fun and high energy workout, Turbo Jam is a great choice. It will help you lose weight and inches, helping you to reach your goals.

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