Losing Weight the Easy Way

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There are many fad diets out there that promise one the ability to lose weight fast but they often leave a dieter feeling hungry and frustrated. The key to losing weight is to expend more calories than a body takes in. It is a simple formula and one that is not hard to achieve if you make a few simple changes to your lifestyle.

To lose one pound of fat a person has to burn 3,500 calories. By shaving off a few calories every day weight loss will slowly occur.

Stop Eating at Night and Lose Weight

This is something that celebrities often do to lose weight and it is a great way to curb excessive snacking. If one can decide what time of the night to stop eating and after that time can stick to items such as low fat ice cream or yoghurt or a few candies it will limit the calorie intake for the day.

Once a dieter stops eating in the evening it will become easier to spot when one is eating when bored or for emotional reasons rather than eating to satisfy a hunger.

Lose Weight by Eating Breakfast

The worst mistake people make when they are trying to lose weight is not eating breakfast. When somebody wakes up it is important to realize that they have not eaten for least 12 hours and the body then holds onto fat as it hits starvation mode.

Eating breakfast will help to kick start the metabolism for the day. Try to have wholegrain cereals or fibers, they may not taste great but they help cleanse the system of fats.

Switch to Light Foods and Drop the Soda to Drop Pounds

light foods
Switching to the lighter alternative to the food in question will immediately cut down the amount of calories being consumed. Wise substitutions will mean the difference in the foods will not be noticed by taste. Also it would be wise to cut out soft drinks from one's diet.

When one is consuming high sugar sweetened drinks it is called empty calories. The reason behind this is that sweetened beverages do not fill a person up yet still contain a large amount of calories. Replacing these drinks with water will immediately cut down on the amount of calories consumed everyday.

Weigh up Portions and Weigh Less

Everybody has a hand. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everybody could use that hand to measure the portion size of their meals? Well, they can - a portion size should be about the size of a palm.

Now at restaurants they often serve more than this amount and large portions have become the norm. Just taking a little bit less food than normal at mealtime will reduce daily calorie intakes.

Stay Full and Avoid Temptation

Eating five servings of fruits and vegetables a day will keep a person full and will in turn stop them eating food that is higher in calories. A diet is not necessary, simply making the decision to eat more fruits and following through on it will mean there is no room left for another snack later on.

By avoiding places like restaurants that serve unhealthy meals and keeping the fridge stocked with healthy alternatives, it becomes easier to reach for the healthier option.

Another way to stay full is by choosing wholemeal alternatives or food that do have a lot of fiber in them it will become easier to feel satisfied on a smaller portion.

Yet another alternative is to eat protein at every meal. This will help keep a feeling of fullness so it becomes less likely to overeat.

Exercise Without Trying Too Hard

Exercise isn't so bad when it happens gradually and by adding extra steps to a person's daily routine it will hardly feel like exercise. This can be done by walking the longer way to go and get something or marching in place when watching television. It is a good idea to invest in a pedometer so progress can be tracked.

If that is not something that sounds favorable to a dieter there are many more ways to incorporate activity in their lifestyles. One way to start is by thinking about activities one likes or has to do and add to it, for example instead of using the dishwasher, hand washing the dishes will expend more calories.

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