High Calorie Dishes to Cross Off of Your Party Food Lists

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Not all party food is created equal. If you throw a party yourself, you are in complete control of making low calorie dishes and using heart healthy recipes.

Assuming you haven't made everything on the buffet table, here are 10 high-fat high calorie party foods to avoid:
  1. Dips. When we think of party foods, they almost always include dips. Most dips contain sour cream and you can bet it isn't fat-free. Veggie dip, ranch dressing, Mexican dip and cheese-based dips are all off-limits when you are on a diet.
  2. Cream sauces. Alfredo and other cream sauces are high in fat and can easily be substituted with a marinara sauce for fewer calories, less fat and better health.
  3. Fried foods. Fast food restaurants aren't the only ones serving up fat-lady fried foods. If it's crispy on the outside, you can bet that it has been fried in an unhealthy oil.
  4. Casseroles. Sweet potato casserole, tuna casserole, chicken casserole: you name it, it's filled with butter, sugar, carbs and extra calories. Avoid casseroles; instead pick foods in the most natural form (like vegetables, fruit, chicken, turkey or seafood.)
  5. Mexican dishes. Mexican food is festive and delicious, but it's also loaded with sour cream, sauces and high-fat cheeses.
  6. Italian dishes. The typical Italian dish is fried, paired with pasta and topped with cheese. It may be a family favorite, but you can cross chicken parmesan off your party food lists when you are looking for healthy options.
  7. Bread and rolls. Carbs are always a concern for people on a diet. Bread can be addictive and having one or more rolls with your meal can add several hundred calories, not to mention the butter or oil that you put on top of it.
  8. Potato dishes. It's best to avoid any potato-latent issues during the holidays. Potatoes are high in carbs and calories, especially when they are creamed with butter and sour cream. The best option for potatoes when you're on a diet is baked sweet potato.
  9. Desserts. Not all desserts are evil. That being said, you know in your heart that cheesecake, cake, pie, cookies and other desserts are loaded with sugar, calories and fat. Instead, opt for fresh fruit or Jell-O for a low calorie dessert.
  10. Drinks. Don't overlook the high amount of calories in pop and alcoholic drinks. You can eat healthy the whole holiday season, but if you load up on drinks you can still gain weight. Save the calories and fill up by sipping on water.
If you can manage to avoid these 10 party foods you will save yourself and lot of calories and have a better start on your weight loss goals for the new year.

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