Walking for Weight Loss: How to Get Started

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walking weight loss

Walking is one of the best and simplest forms of exercise to burn calories and fat, improve circulation, strengthen bones and joints, manage stress level and boost energy levels and the immune system. It also helps to maintain metabolism and is a great way to tone and shape the legs and buttocks.

There is such a large number of complicated exercise regimes that it often becomes more of a challenge to choose the right one than it is actually carrying out the plan. Also, many plans do not take into account everyday responsibilities such as work, children and social appointments. However, this simple plan can be adapted to work for even the busiest schedules and can help you lose weight and improve health without breaking a sweat!

Getting Started - The Little Things Count!

The most important thing to remember when beginning a walking routine is that it is miles and not minutes that count. It is easy to become intimidated by the numbers thrown around but remember that these are ideals and can be used as goals to work towards. The easiest way to begin a walking regime is to increase the amount of walking you do in your everyday life. This could entail parking your car further away from the office and walking or even leaving it at home all together; walking to your local shop; physically seeking out a friend or colleague as opposed to using the phone or email or walking the children the school. Even climbing the stairs and walking to and fro while talking on the phone burns calories. Walking for just ten minutes extra a day can burn up to 70 calories with a walk of 30 minutes using a surprising 184 calories!

Make it a Group Activity

Walking with a partner, with children or friends can provide the motivation needed to maintain your new regime and choosing different routes and energising music are sure-fire ways to keep boredom at bay and after just a week or two of this simple plan, the results will already begin to show. Thighs, calves and the buttocks will be firmer and more toned if you walk regularly.

Escalate and Intensify

Remember that when you become comfortable, it is time to intensify your regime in order to gain the best possible results. This can be done in a number of ways: increasing your speed, increasing the distance you walk, walking on a range of differing inclines (level ground, uphill and downhill walking) and adding ankle or hand weights. You can also increase the number of times a week or a day you take planned walks or begin interval training (a method where you stroll for two minutes and speed walk for one and so on) which is arguably the most effective form of fat burning exercise.

However, the most important key to success is to have fun!

It is no secret that exercise is a big part of weight loss. However, it is sometimes difficult to find the time or summon the energy or motivation to exercise. Walking is the perfect way to kick-start a new fitness regime, shift excess pounds, tone up and improve long-term health. There are no hefty gym bills to contend with and it’s an easy way to produce long-lasting results.

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