How to Prepare Hibiscus Tea

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hibiscus tea

The Hibiscus flower is known by many names around the world. In the US is known as hibiscus or roselle, Jamaica flower in Latin America, karkady in the Middle East, bissap in West Africa, sorrel in Jamaica and red sorrel in wider Caribbean. But regardless of the name, this red flower has much more to it than just offering a delicious and refreshing tea, or "fresh water," as it is called in Latin America.

Besides its use as a natural diuretic and a tremendous aid in weight lose programs, the Hibiscus flower has proven to be excellent for other medical issues. Biologist Yolanda Aquino and Doctor Alfonso Leon Cruz from the General Hospital No. 1 in Oaxaca, Mexico discovered it was excellent in lowering cholesterol levels. Some patients under observation lowered their cholesterol up to 35% and triglycerides up to 19%. Hibiscus is also useful to the immune system and its flavor, sort of a tart cranberry juice, is delicious. It contains 15-30% organic acids: citric acid, maleic acid, tartaric acid, polysaccharides, flavonoid glycosides such as cyanidin and delphinidin.

But fresh water or tea is not the only thing you can prepare with this unique flower. After you’ve boiled the flower for tea or fresh water, you can cook the calyces and eat it in tacos, and its flavor is delicious.

Preparation of Hibiscus Tea

To prepare hibiscus tea, do the following:
  • Boil a gallon of water.
  • Add two cups of hibiscus or Jamaica flower
  • Boil five more minutes
  • Remove from heat, cover and let it stand for fifteen minutes
  • Pour half in a pitcher and add sugar at will. (Some people like it with no sugar, or sweeteners and the taste is just as delicious) Fill the pitcher with water.
  • Serve with ice.

Preparation of Hibiscus Tacos

To prepare hibiscus tacos, once you’ve prepared your water, strain the water of the flowers and set aside. Then do the following:
  • Chop a whole white onion and two Serrano peppers. If you can’t eat spicy food, slice the pepper on the sides, leaving the seeds in the middle, and just using the slices without the seeds, that will make the pepper mildly hot.
  • Fry the onion and the Serrano Pepper until onion is brown. Add the flowers to it and stir occasionally. Add Salsa Maggi (a sauce similar to soy sauce but not quite, sold in most Mexican grocery stores. If you can’t find Maggi sauce, use salt and pepper. Cilantro can be added as well, it is up to you.
  • Serve on corn or flour tortillas with a slice of avocado.

The Hibiscus flower not only is beautiful to see, but used as a tea, cold or hot, adds great benefits to you health and lose weight program, it can be used as an aid to lower high blood pressure and reduce your cholesterol levels, and it helps burn those extra calories as well. Cooked Hibiscus is also a delicious alternative served in tacos or salad adding color to your table and great health benefits at the same time.

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