Information on Lipitrex, a Weight Loss Supplement

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Lipitrex is a dietary supplement that is designed to help consumers lose weight. Weight loss is achieved through a combination of appetite suppression, metabolic rate increases and more efficient fat processing. This supplement has been engineered and manufactured by Progressive Health Nutraceuticals. As with any dietary supplement, care should be taken while using Lipitrex.

Function of Lipitrex

The components of Lipitrex work in tandem to promote weight loss. The ingredients in Lipitrex work together to promote weight loss by stimulating hunger-suppressing hormones, digesting fats more efficiently, increasing energy and increasing metabolism. Lipitrex helps the body minimize fat storage. For optimal effects, Lipitrex should be taken while the user maintains a modest, healthy diet with a regular exercise schedule.

Proper Lipitrex Dosage

To obtain maximum benefits form taking Lipitrex, consumers should take the supplement as directed. The manufacturers of Lipitrex have designed their supplement to be taken daily for at least between 45 and 65 days to obtain the maximum benefits. As recommended by the manufacturer, consumers should take two Lipitrex capsules every morning followed by two caplets in the afternoon. Consumers should take Lipitrex doses with at least 8 ounces of water.

Ingredients in Lipitrex

There are several ingredients in each Lipitrex tablet. According to the manufacturer, Lipitrex contains magnesium, chromium, green tea extracts, coleus forskohlii, PinnoThin, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and guarana extract. One 4-softgel serving of Lipitrex contains around 100 mg of magnesium, 100 mcg of chromium, 100 mg of green tea extract, 120 mg of coleus forkohlii, 1,500 mg of PinnoThin, 1,500 mg of CLA and 200 mg of guarana extract.

Effects of Lipitrex

According to research conducted by the manufacturer of Lipitrex, magnesium has been found to reduce diabetes in children that are obese. Chromium is supposedly vital to glucose metabolism and green tea extract increases fat metabolism and can help decrease weight. Coleus forskohlii can increase lean body mass and PinnoThin stimulates cholecystokinin which is a hormone that controls appetite. CLA also aids in appetite control. Guarana can also be effective in promoting weight loss.

Warnings About Lipitrex

As with any supplement, some people may experience adverse side effects while regularly taking Lipitrex. Consumers should consult a doctor before beginning a regimen involving Lipitrex. One of the negative effects of Lipitrex use is that it may compromise the body’s insulin processing ability and lead to diabetes. Lipitrex contains caffeine, which may be an undesirable stimulant ingredient to some people.

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