Five Essential iPhone Apps for Shaping Up

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restaurant nutrition iphone app

Anyone who owns an iPhone knows just how useful they are. They're great for increasing productivity, social networking and general entertainment purposes. There are a myriad of applications available and many are free, which is ideal in this sort of economy! So skip the gym, stop buying diet recipe books and cancel that fitness dvd subscription. Here are five free iPhone applications that are essential for anyone looking to get in shape for the approaching warmer seasons.

Restaurant Nutrition for Staying Calorie Conscious While Eating Out
Most experienced dieters knows that going cold turkey isn't exactly realistic. But as one begins the dieting process, it's good to become a conscious eater. The Restaurant Nutrition application is a directory of major fast food chains that enables the user to look up the nutritional value of each of their menu items.

This application also allows for more than one profile, which is ideal for couples or groups of friends dieting together. For those who aren't ready to cut fast food out completely, this application will at least encourage the healthiest option.

Healthy Recipes for Healthy Eating at Home
When cutting back on fast food and eating out, most people begin looking for healthy options for home cooked meals. While there are several great free recipe applications for the iPhone, this application in particular offers tasty health conscious options. The application has thousands of recipes and even allows the user to save their favorites.

Exercise Journal for Building the Perfect Exercise Regimen
Once a diet has been fully modified, the next step is to start incorporating exercise into a weekly routine. The Exercise Journal has over 350 different exercises, separated into Core, Lower Body, Arms, Chest, Shoulders, and Back.

There's even a category for yoga. Each exercise description includes detailed instructions and pictures. It's a very basic application that can aid in the creation of a customized routine that addresses any perceived "problem areas."

RunKeeper to Help Maintain a Structured Running Routine
Running is popular not only because it helps one lose weight, but also because it increases cardiovascular health and can help relieve stress. The RunKeeper application allows the user to track distance, time, pace/speed, and calories burned. It also plots the path traveled on a map. One of the best features is that the application allows the user to listen to music from their iPod while it tracks the run. This application eliminates the need for stand-alone devices that do essentially the same thing and saves the user tons of money in the process.

Lose it! for a Comprehensive Weight Loss Plan
This last application combines all of the above to act as a sort of comprehensive record of all diet related activities. Here the user can enter their current weight and target weight. Then, each day, every meal is entererd along with all exercise. The application will calculate the calories of the food based on a recipe you enter or its own extensive database of name brand foods and restaurant chain menus. It also calculates the amount of calories burned based during exercise. One of the best things about the application is that it counts any physical activity as exercise, and is able to calculate calories for things such as washing the dishes or raking leaves. These little victories serve as great motivation!

Sure, none of these applications are able to physically remove their users from the couch or verbally scold them for having that second serving. What these applications will do, however, if used diligently, is motivate the user to stay the course and make the entire weight loss process easier than it's ever been.

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