GI Diet For Healthy Weight Loss

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gi diet

The GI diet is clearly healthy since it encourages followers to enjoy a wide variety of food in every category, bread, cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, dairy products and more. Dietitians agree that a varied diet is the best way to supply essential vitamins and minerals to the body.

Best Way to Lose Weight, Low Glycemic Index

For ease of use, author Rick Gallop has colour-coded food listings like traffic lights. Green is for "go," so anything in this category, mostly low fat and sugar-free, is part of the plan to achieve a healthy weight loss. High fibre breads and cereals, some dairy products, most fruit and vegetables, including new potatoes, pasta with a light sauce, seafood, lean meat and egg white, all appear on the green list.

Snacks include some nuts such as almonds or cashews in limited amounts, fat free yogurt, home-made muffins and fruit. Herbal teas, skimmed milk and caffeine-free drinks have the green light but fresh fruit is preferred to fruit juice.

Maintaining the Ideal Weight, Look Good, Feel Good

Once the ideal weight has been reached, the amber list can be added to the green. Unsweetened fruit juice and regular coffee with skimmed milk are fine, along with low fat cheese, more fruit and vegetables, such as mango, papaya or pumpkin, omega-3 eggs, filled pasta and even a little dark chocolate or the odd glass of red wine.

As for the red list, that’s the no-go area. The occasional slip will not destroy the look good, feel good factor but when a healthy routine has been established, it’s wise to keep to it. Items rich in saturated fat and sugar are obvious candidates for the red list but one also finds some unsuspected culprits such as white rice, baguette, melon and honey.

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