Foods That Help Fight Obesity

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foods fight obesity
When it comes to weight loss, there really is no magic pill or easy diet that can melt the fat away. However, there are many lifestyle and diet changes that are simple to make, and can be quite effective. One simple diet change to help fight obesity and lose weight, is the addition of certain foods to the diet. Some foods have been shown to help maintain a healthy weight, as well as help to promote weight loss.

Cayenne and Almonds to Help Fight Obesity

Cayenne pepper has been shown to help decrease the amount of calories consumed in a meal. In a recent medical study, adding between five and 10 grams of cayenne pepper caused those eating to eat less than they normally would. Those that used the cayenne were also less likely to snack afterwards. It is believed that this is due to cayenne causing people to feel less hungry after meals. Cayenne pepper also helps to burn more calories, though the reason for this is not fully known.

In multiple medical studies it has been proven that people that snack on almonds are less likely to be overweight. In one medical study, obese patients ate almonds as a snack every day for a total of six months. Those that had the almonds lost more weight than those that followed the standard diet without the almonds. It is believed to be due to the fact that almonds contain healthy fats and cause the person to feel full and satisfied.

Broccoli to Help Fight Obesity

Broccoli is rich in chromium, which is often used in weight loss supplements. Although some medical studies have been inconclusive with the effectiveness of chromium, some studies have shown that those that follow a diet that is rich in chromium are more likely to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Other foods that are low in calories, and rich in chromium, include red wine, grape juice, garlic and potatoes.

Although adding these foods to a diet can be very beneficial for weight loss or maintenance, they cannot replace a proper, balanced diet. These foods should also not be used to replace exercise, which is an essential part of weight loss.

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