Lose Weight with the Mind, Mouth, Muscle Formula

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Men and women lose weight differently. For women, this can be particularly frustrating, but there are reasons why men lose weight more quickly and women tend to struggle to lose any weight.

“Gender had a significant influence on body fat and weight gain.” (21)
Diferences of fat deposits amoung males and females starts as early as puberty when girls have fat that settles on their chest, hips and thighs. Men and women typically carry their weight differently and men have a higher percentage of muscle, which burns more fat.

Pamela Peeke adapted the Body for Life program to fit the emotional and mental needs of women on a diet. She stresses the importance of striking a balance between taking care of others and taking care of yourself.

“Women secrete less of the brain chemical serotonin than men do, making them more vulnerable to depression, mood disorders, and overeating (especially carbs) under stress.” (20)

Weight Loss Muscle Formula

Factors Addressed in Body for Life for Women:

  • Monthly periods
  • Menopause
  • Emotional eating
  • Poor body image
  • Low self esteem
  • Hormones
  • Aging

The Mind, Mouth, Muscle Formula

Peeke discusses how the mind, mouth, muscle formula works to help you lose weight.

Mind – Having a positive attitude about yourself and believing that you can do it is half the battle. Reduce your stress level to lose weight.

Mouth – How you eat makes a big difference with the number on the scale. Know what you are eating and how much, then educate yourself to make healthier food choices.

Muscle - Physical activity should be a no-brainer. Not only does regular exercise help you lose weight, it is good for your heart, helps tone your body and relieves aches and pains. Cardio, along with resistance training, needs to become a habit. Weight training is important for preventing muscle loss as you age.

The Food Plan

The Body for Life for Women food plan is sensible, requiring 5-6 small meals per day while watching portion sizes. Peeke also says to throw the idea of perfection out the window. Eat smart 80% of the time, allowing yourself some wiggle room for stressful times, holidays and cravings as long as you continue to keep an eye on your portion sizes.

The idea is to cut calories without have to track everything you eat. Learn to read labels and choose high density foods to feel full longer.

Structure of Body for Life for Women
The book is set up according to hormone stages of life. Each section addresses how a women in each stage needs to adjust the plan to meet her hormonal needs and changes. A woman in menopause and a teenager will have a different plan because of different metabolism rates, aging, hormones and activity level.

Peeke goes through the mental speed bumps we slow ourselves down with when taking the weight loss journey. She describes the 10 principles that allow you to deal with your emotions, keep them in check and successfully lose weight. She goes into great detail about the exercise portion of the program and provides a checklist to record your BMI, body measurements, weight, energy level and quality of life. Lastly, the book covers weight maintenance. She even tells readers how to maintain their weight while taking a break from their weight loss journey even when they are not at goal weight yet.

Body for Life for Women includes many before and after pictures along with success stories. While these women only had 20-25 pounds to lose and saw a big improvement in their body structure, someone with more weight to lose can continue the program at the end of 12 weeks to lose more and reach their goals too.

Let Body for Life for Women help you transform your body and mind.