Combining Art and Weight Loss

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janice taylor
Taylor uses fresh ideas based on her love of art and her deep desire to lose weight. She started winning the weight loss battle when she channeled her cravings into her art projects. She calls herself a weight loss artist because she makes art out of food rather than eating it.

Taylor’s unique phrasing, thought process, recipes, tips and art projects make it different than any other weight loss book on the market. Her whole concept of weight loss is based on her inner voice, which she dubs “Our Lady of Weight Loss.” Many of her paintings and art projects revolve around this character, which was inside her all along.

The book is an honest look at the emotions we go through on our weight loss journeys and how dealing with temptation in a new way can have dramatic results. Taylor lost more than 50 pounds when she changed her response to cravings. She turned a box of pasta into a macaroni and cheese altar and a box of chocolates into a jewelry box.

Taylor also include confessions in her book where letters explain how others have fumbled along the way and her advice is always to forgive yourself and move on. She makes losing weight fun and interesting.

For a funny and motivational look at weight loss and fat removal, I recommend a copy of Our Lady of Weight Loss.

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