Nutrisystem: A Delicious Diet Program For Weight Loss

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Every day individuals are bombarded by the constant advertisements for diet programs that seem to offer miraculous results. The program can range from taking pills on a regular basis to a total change in eating habits. One of these diet programs that has become a constant is the Nutrisystem program. The Nutrisystem program is the type of diet program that requires a change in eating habits. The most attractive attribute about the Nutrisystem program is the delicious foods advertised. One could agree that for a program to be successful, the food must be appeasing to the palate.

How Does The Nutrisystem Program Work

According to the Nutrisystem website, the program works in a series of steps. The first step is one chooses his or her food plan. The user will create a 28-day food plan in which each day consists of a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. The second step is to set up delivery to one’s home. The first delivery will also include a Nutrisystems results kit.

The third step is to follow the meal planner provided and combine the Nutrisystem program foods with grocery store items for a diet balanced and healthy. Nutrisystem works by introducing low glycemic or good carbs, protein, fiber, low sodium, and low fat to each entrée item.

Nutrisystem claims that the good carbs and fiber within the system allow complete hunger control, which enables an individual to stick with the program.

The Price of The Nutrisystem Program

The basic Nutrisystem package is $289.95 (plus shipping) for 4 weeks worth of food with auto delivery every four weeks. The Nutrisystem select package is also available. The select package is $398.94 (plus shipping). This package includes chef inspired foods from the gourmet line and auto deliver as well. Other packages are available such as silver, diabetic, and vegetarian. The silver package is geared for the needs of older individuals.

The Downsides of Nutrisystem

Even though Nutrisystem offers many attributes that many dieters would hold dear, there are some areas in which Nutrisystem may fall short. The system ranges from nearly $400 to $300 for only one month and additional groceries may have to be purchased. This may prove to be entirely too expensive for some individuals.

Second, the Nutrisystem program requires individuals to eat many of his or her meals at home. The plan may be hard to follow when one goes out. Last, to receive a considerable discount, users have to choose the auto-ship option. This may be unfavorable to some individuals.

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